5 Innovative ways to use floor tiles to enhance the beauty of your home

When it comes to home décor tiles offer versatile ways to enhance the appearance of your home and the versatility is one of the reasons why we love tiles so much. Tiles have been dominating the home décor industry for a long and an unofficial rule has been set for its application like where it should be used and where it should be avoided. However, these rules often work as guidelines for confused homeowners.

Sometimes designers and homeowners get so much dependent on these guidelines that they start losing the confidence to make experiments with it. But no boundary can stop creativity from spreading its wings. So don’t be afraid to try out new things and feel free to experiment with tiles to add a new and innovative look to your property. To help you out in this we have come up with five different ways of floor tile applications.

1. Beautify your entryway

Entryways often fail to catch the attention of the owners when it comes to adding a creative touch to the house. They only focus on making them comfortable for visitors. But trust me an entryway does have the potential to build a solid impression of your house on your visitors when they step into your house through it. You can use hardwood tiles or natural stone tiles to make your entrance beautiful. If you are ready to go further, you can simply make it more attractive by adding an elaborate mosaic design to your entrance hall.

2. Pamper your corridors

It would not be wrong to say that corridors simply define emptiness. They are the pathway to shift from one room to another. This does not have to be necessarily bare; you certainly have the scope to transform the boring short trip into an exciting one. You can use floor tiles to do that. Instead of the plain ones go for the highly patterned ones. You will be mesmerized to see the results.

3. Kitchen backsplash

A backsplash plays an important role in the kitchen by protecting the walls against splashes. Kitchen Backsplashes tend to be plain and boring and most of the homeowners are unaware of its potential for beautification. You need to ensure that the design you choose to get both aesthetic and functional properties. You have an endless number of options to fulfill the purpose that include glass tiles, mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles etc.

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4. Utilize your leftover tiles

You can do a lot with your leftover tiles instead of keeping them in your storeroom. You can create amazing jewelry hangers with these tiles and you need some easily available staffs like paint, hooks and leftover tiles to complete the project. Just make sure the colours go well with each other. You can also make it a marble tile magnet that will definitely coordinate your fridge with your backsplash.

5. Give a makeover to your painted accent walls

Has your living room become awfully boring and dull? Then you certainly need the help of accent walls. However, painted accent walls are not the only option here. You can also go for a tiled accent wall and you will be surprised to see how it has turned your boring living room into an exciting place.

The above-mentioned ways have made it clear how floor tiles can contribute to your home décor plans. So homeowners without being limited by the norms can easily try out these innovative ways to spice up the appearance of their homes.

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