Redecorate Your Home In 7 Different Ways With Creative Tiles

Have a unique design challenge to redecorate your beautiful home space?
Think about using tiles in creative ways!
You can customize the look of your home by redesigning not only your floor but walls too.
Creative Flooring is just as important as the walls in today’s modern interior designs. There are so many creative ways to use tiles in Homedecor. Let us see a few modern styles of tiles to replicate in your dream home.

1. Create A Walk-In Garden

Layouts using porcelain, ceramic, or stone tiles will help you maintain the garden tidily.
The best choice for your garden will be textured and matt tiles. These tiles will be water-resistant and add stability to the soil floor. Remember not to use a highly glossy surface that could get slippery when wet, but you can use tiles or bits of glossy tiles as showpieces to add exotic colours and design to the garden area.

2. Redesign In Classic Style

If you are in love with ancient architecture and want to pull it off in your home, classic bricks are the solution. Return to the glory of ancient Rome or royal Mughal age by simply decorating your drawing room pillars or bathroom space. You can put Italian etched stone or marble in the bathroom to create a Greek bath that takes you back in time.

3. Mimic Brick

Rough brick walls tend to give out a rugged look to bathrooms. It can be matte-black slate, Indian soapstone, dark-brown Italian porcelain, or tumbled travertine. You will enjoy the rustic, warm, and earthy look of your bathroom by choosing a delicate or bright red coloured tile wall. Brick tiled columns in your drawing room will also bring the authentic monumental feeling for your guests.

4. Texture Your Wall

Wall and floor tile texture can help you customize the look of your home. Smooth, glossy, and raised textures are always better than a plain flat wall in the room. Texture tile walls give a refreshing and sleek look to your walls. The tiles are textured to represent concrete or clay. These tiles shine brightly when the light hits the wall, perfect for the family functions.

5. Splash Colour Tiles For Your Mini Pool

Create your own private leisure pool in your backyard with splashing colours. Detox your work stress by relaxing in your pool that brings joy with vibrant and soothing colours like Ebony Blu, Graphite Grey, Diamond Sand, or Silver Grey. Swimming pool tiles must be impervious tiles that will only absorb 0.5 percent of any moisture they come in contact with. You can make a pleasant, colourful pool with swimming pool glass mosaic tiles.

6. Modern Kitchen

If you live in a city where the floor is limited, you can plan to design an open kitchen. This will automatically transform your dull and boring kitchen into a modern kitchen. You can use glossy finish tiles to make your counter glaring. Give your backsplash a fresh and different look, which will be stain-free and neat.

7. Invent Artistic Look

Inspire the people visiting your home for more unique ideas by creating an unexpected patterned floor with creative tiles. Design a 2-colour treatment balcony or passage that draws attention while walking. Try geometric patterns that play with your eye-sight. Use bold colours and non-repeating motifs to stimulate a modernistic outlook.

Final Thoughts

From ceramic to porcelain or vinyl tiles, use the tiles that make your home a beautiful place. Innovate and renovate the designs of the floor and walls of your house to make them what you have dreamed of for years. Solve the toughest design challenges with Dixie Tile Shop that will transform your home into a living fantasy.