DixieTileShop is Canada’s leading mosaic and tile manufacturer, focuses on three main areas in their work – affordability, best quality, novelty & attractiveness. We are undoubtedly the best backsplash tile manufacturers with over 150 unique styles of backsplashes available in various colours and materials making it a vast collection for you to choose the ones that best suit your taste.

While refurnishing your house, the area where you can experiment the most is the area of the wall between your kitchen counter-top and the cabinets above it. It is so because the small size of that area compared to the whole kitchen gives you the liberty to try different styles and make it a statement factor.

The entire décor of your kitchen after putting the most complimenting backsplash tiles will not only upgrade your kitchen to a whole new level but will also speak volumes about your personality. So, it is essential to buy the ideal tiles from the best kitchen backsplash tile suppliers.

Elements to Consider While Choosing the Right Backsplash

Everybody wants an area in their house that truly reflects their persona. The backsplashes can be one such area, and therefore it becomes vital to be aware of certain points before choosing the right one as it will have a good deal of longevity.

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You can go through the following points before buying the back-splash tiles:

The Cost Factor
While some materials like porcelain and ceramic are cost-effective, some like marble and glass are for the ones who can go higher up on their budget.

We, at DixieTileShop, are back-splash tile suppliers, who try to give you the best of both worlds by having backsplash tiles of all the materials in amazing styles and designs so that you can have the desired feel of your wall without compromising on anything, neither the price nor the look.

Complimenting Colors
One more important factor is the color combination of your backsplashes tiles and the rest of your kitchen. DixieTileShop offers you over 134 colors of backsplash tiles so that you can either go for colors that are blending with your kitchen or contrast with your current tones. For either choice, we manufacture tiles that cater to all your wishes and preferences.

Shapes and Designs

At DixieTileShop, we are proud to announce, that we are leading kitchen tile suppliers near me, bathroom, flooring that offer a variety of backsplash tiles in over 150 unique styles including a mix of popular classic styles that are evergreen in nature; artistic styles that are fresh in the market giving your house a renovated look, and a large variety of designs in backsplash tiles; so that you have no limitation regarding options while choosing your backsplashes tile design.

We are the most preferred supplier shipping through the whole of North America and gaining the love and trust of many in the way. Our vast pool of options makes us the most desired brand for being the best backsplash tile manufacturers that give quality products at affordable prices.

Thus, we would like to supply you with the best backsplash tiles that help in making your kitchen area a part of ‘you’ and take immense privilege in being your choice of trust in decorating your home.