Hexagonal Tiles look stylish and eternal. You can get them installed anywhere in your house. There is an array of shades and sizes available in the market that can be installed on floors as well as on walls. Create your own style and get them fitted into any style. Many people think that a hexagonal tile design is dated. But, you will be surprised to see the wide range of sizes and shapes of hexagonal tiles. In the present era, tile manufacturers across the globe have reinvigorated unique designs to inspire people to use them again. There are many options to get delighted; like hexagon mosaic tiles, exclusive color patterns, subtle wave effects, and so forth.

Let’s take a look at the best hexagonal tile ideas.


Hexagonal white marble tile mimics the vintage hexagonal floor. The color white comes with no hue. Like other colors, there are no variations of white. A slight different textural and color tiles placed between the white hex tiles can give your floor the wave effect. This can produce a magnetic effect when light falls upon them. If you want to see the strong waviness, use smooth shiny tiles blended with matte finish tiles; or you can even use white marble tiles with a bluish tone.

Large Size 

The most recent invention in hex tiling is the size. Explore the best flooring tile suppliers near you who also offer tile cutting services. Get the customized tiles sliced to your preferred size; small, medium, large or gigantic. The installation of customized hexagonal tiles will leave a huge wow factor in your house for years. Supersized hex tile pattern will give you both- dramatic and playful effect.

Abstract Colors

Today’s modern tastes of hexagonal tiles are far more fanciful than before. You might think that odd color patterns could be a mistake. In fact, the use of different colors in an abstract pattern is appreciative and admirable. Imagine installing two to three or more different colors on the floor or wall. It will indeed look great. Either use different tones of black and white or use colored hexagonal tiles with an added touch of some contrast color with a splatter pattern of other tones. This will give the area a unique design.

Multi-Colored Polka Dot

This modern trend of multi-colored dotted hexagonal tiles will surprise you completely. The polka-dot design looks calming. Any tile pattern with repeated design with more than one color is effective and creates a pleasing and gentle space. Hexagons installed in a sort of colorful polka-dot pattern looks interesting. Use at least three different colors to give your room a more unique look.

Wall Accent

The Hexagon shape is the best choice for having an accent tile. It can change a plain wall into a unique piece of art with colorful spots or bordered highlights. Supersized hexagonal tile is the best option of getting a permanent hanging artwork on the walls. It is ideal to use abstract wall paintings, or highlights going up the staircase. The hint of color or a framed image used here adds a unique touch to the design.

Wrapping Up

The trend of hexagonal-shaped tiles has grown intensively over time. In today’s era, hex tiles are no more a smaller sized penny like tiles that were usually sold in monochromatic color schemes. They are now sold in arrays of sizes and colors. You can buy your preferred size and color as early as you find the right flooring Tile Company DixieTileShop who also offers custom sizing and cutting service. Focus on the wide range of color options with hex tiles. There are splattered, polka-dot, and wavy effects your tile designer should know to produce using different but applicable colors, finishes, and sizes. Supersized hexagons, if used as accent tiles, will produce the feel like hanging small photo frames on the wall.

The latest tile designs have projected the vintage hexagonal tiles back into the limelight. Today, this shape is known to be the most refreshing and modern option. Get in touch with reputable tile suppliers like Dixie Tile if you want to explore more ideas on hexagonal tiling for your next floor remodeling project.