Buy mosaic tiles California

Are you tired of your plain floors and walls? Do you need something that is a representation of your style and unique? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you are in the right place. We are the largest company in California that stocks a wide range of mosaic tiles you can purchase. We have a variety of colors, patterns, structures, and textures. You will be lost for choice once you visit our store. The quality of these mosaic tiles is top-notch and we guarantee you that they will last you a lifetime when properly maintained. We have a couple of reasons as to why you should choose us and not any other company in California.

2-hour collect time

The good thing about living in California is that you can pick up your tiles within a minimum of two hours after you have placed your order. We recommend that before placing your order; visit our store so that you are sure of what you will be taking home. The good thing about making physical visits is that you get to see how the mosaic tiles will look like in your own home. You also verify that indeed those are the tiles scheduled for delivery. We understand that time is money and we are not here to waste your time. Once you have confirmed your order, we will dispatch one of our drivers and they will deliver within a minimum of 2 hours. If you would like to collect the mosaic tiles yourself, the collect time greatly reduces. In addition to being fast and efficient in delivery, the delivery is absolutely free! You do not have to worry about getting drivers who will overcharge you for deliveries. Chances are that the driver may not know how to properly handle your tiles and end up damaging them. No other company in California dealing with tiles would agree to offer their customers free transportation. This is one of the things that set us apart from the pack. We do this as a customer after sale service because we value them and have their best interests at heart.

Return day policies

Have you ever bought some clothes and once you arrived home found out that they are not a perfect fit for you? The same may also happen to you when you purchase our mosaic tiles. Taste and preferences tend to change every now and then and as a human being, we tend to change our minds often. If the mosaic tiles you first chose no longer make you happy or you feel they do not match with your space, you can always return them at no extra costs. We accept returns subject to company’s terms and conditions. The return policy is worth 45 days. This means for over a month, you have the luxury of time to see whether the tiles accentuate your living room or whether you need to get different tiles. This return policy has favored a number of people in California who within two weeks were able to return their previously bought tiles and exchange them for the ones they liked. Purchasing of mosaic tiles doesn’t have to be the end if you do not like them anymore. Feel free to use this exclusive offer that is only available at our store and get the tiles that perfectly describe your taste and sense of style.

24-hour support centre

In California, we realized that there are people who work at different times of the day. These people may not be able to access us during the day and because the schedules do not fall in the conventional work hours hence, they are unable to purchase their mosaic tiles. To solve this, we came up with a 24-hour hotline that our customers in California could reach us through in the event of some advice or even making a delivery. It does not matter what time you would like your mosaic tiles to be