Buy Mosaic Tiles Kentucky

There is so much more to buying mosaic tiles than finding a colour and pattern that will blend with your space. That is the reason why you need a reliable tile store like us to guide you through the purchasing process. Each tile at our store has an intended use and this is very clear on the label of the box holding the tiles. Nevertheless, it is usually in code and we understand that it may be difficult for the average person to comprehend. We can help you read the code and it will go a long way in helping you purchase the mosaic tile that is suitable for your project and save you money in the end.


On every box of mosaic tiles, there are four or five ratings listed. If a box has a rating of five, then it has glazed tiles and if the rating is four, you will get unglazed tiles. We recommend that you read the label on box tiles any time you are ready to buy. Look for a stipulated tile grade, frost safety, coefficient of friction, water absorption, And PEI rating. If you are unable, to do it, we can gladly do it for you.

Wear rating

Wear rating is also what we refer to as PEI rating. It stands for the Porcelain and Enamel Institute’s wear rating. PEI rates a tile’s ability to resist scratching as well as its suitability as a flooring tile. Only glazed tiles get PEI rating so if you are purchasing unglazed mosaic tiles, you are not going to find this rating on the label.


Mosaic tiles will have grades ranging from one to three. The highest quality is in grade one, grade two is quite similar to grade one but is always a little less costly. Grade one and two mosaic tiles are ideal for floors. On the other hand, grade three mosaic tiles are not resilient enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and are therefore more suitable for walls. We let all our customers know that although they can use floor tiles for walls, they can never use wall tiles for flooring. We recommend that you get at least a grade-two mosaic tile for your floor.

Tone and frost

This simple rating lets you know whether the mosaic tile that you want to buy can endure freeze and thaw cycles outside. If you intend to use the tiles indoors, this rating does not hold much importance. Then there is tone and it only applies when there is intentional variation from tile to tile to mimic the look of natural stone. If you want a tile with consistent colour, toned tile is not for you. This category is something you should definitely look out for if you are looking at single tile samples.

Slip resistance

Another crucial rating is your mosaic’s tile coefficient of friction. This refers to a tile’s natural resistance to slip and measured by the force required to slide an object across a surface divided by the object’s weight. Lower coefficient of friction numbers indicates that a tile will be less slippery.

Water absorption rate

One of the crucial things you need to consider when buying mosaic tiles is their water absorption rate. This rating will tell you if the tile you are planning to buy is the right one for the outdoors or high-moisture areas. In the water absorption rating, there are four categories expressed as a name and percentage of water that a tile absorbs.

Ultimately, your satisfaction when you buy our products is what makes us thrive and work harder to provide you with high-quality mosaic tiles. If perfection and service are what you are looking for, then our mosaic tiles will provide you with just that. Do not hesitate to call or visit our store to learn more about our products and especially our mosaic tiles.