Buy Mosaic Tiles Minnesota

We are a tile selling company that you can rely on to provide you with the highest quality mosaic tiles in Minnesota. The texture of mosaic tiles is almost the same as that of ceramic tiles and the only difference is that mosaic tiles are smaller than ceramic ones. Mosaic tiles are assembled pieces glued together on a surface. You probably do not know that you have to leave adequate space for the cement to leak into so that mosaic tiles stick together when installing. That is the kind of information we willingly and freely share with our customers when they come to purchase tiles from our store. Here is more information.

Usage of mosaic tiles

Most of our customers use mosaic tiles for their walls, floors, or other surfaces. There are two types of mosaic tiles differentiated by their texture. There are the rough surface and polished mosaic tile. Polished mosaic tiles are most suitable for walls and backsplashes, while rough surface mosaic tiles are ideal for floors since they are not slippery. The surface of mosaic tiles also has the ability not to fall apart due to elements such as scratching, pressure, oil, and chemicals.


Other tile stores will probably not tell you this, but we are more than happy to do it. You should prepare your surface well in advance in terms of cleanliness and sloping before installing mosaic tiles. The surface should be smooth and flat otherwise; the tiles will not adhere firmly. After that, you have to mix sand and cement in the right proportions and apply the mixture to the surface in about three-centimetre thickness. If you would rather use glue paper, then you should apply cement into the cavity between single tiles and leave it for about two days. When you visit our store, you might see a mosaic tile that is mock on a glued paper but we only use it for display. Keep in mind that this is not how you can have paper tile to floor or wall surfaces. Assembled mosaic tiles stuck on nets are ideal for flooring since the nylon has less ability to stick with the surface.

Precautions to take

Mosaic tile installation is not something you should undertake on your own especially if you do not have the experience. Only a professional will know that they have to firmly stick the pieces of mosaic tiles to your preferred surface so that they do not fall off. They will also tell you what you can use to clean mosaic tiles so that they last for a long time to come.

Mosaic tiles are works of art that you can use to bring a particular kind of ambience to your space or exhibit your personality. Whatever, it is, we are here to guide you and ensure that you make the right purchasing decision. We deal with these tiles on a daily basis and we know everything about them. As such, if you are unsure about the kind of mosaic tiles you want to get, for your space, we offer a free consultation. Ever since we ventured into this business, we have helped thousands of Minnesota residents make the right choice when it comes to buying tiles. A quick backstory and an explanation of what you hope to achieve with the installation of mosaic tiles and we will be able to point you in the right direction. We have a lot to offer, all you have to do is reach out to us, and we will provide you with an array of mosaic tiles to choose from. Every kind of mosaic tile you may want, you will find under the same room at our tile centre. We have managed to acquire a huge client base of satisfied customers and if you would like to be part of it, we welcome you to try out our mosaic tiles and we promise it will be worth your while.