Choosing the right tile can make all the difference in your beautiful home. However, when searching for the perfect tile to accentuate a floor, porcelain and ceramic tiles should be at the top of your list. In addition to giving your home a classic look, these tiles give it a stylish appearance. As a result of their wide variety and durability, both ceramic and porcelain floor tiles are popular among homeowners. While porcelain or ceramic tiles for bathrooms share many similarities, there are some important differences.

What Is Ceramic Floor Tile?

Clay tiles are generally made by mixing clay with minerals and water and firing them at high temperatures. Water absorption varies between 0.5% and 3.0%, with some even reaching 20%!

What Is Porcelain Floor Tile?

In contrast, porcelain tiles are made of clay, sand, and feldspar.? Natural mineral feldspar occurs naturally in granite. Sand strengthens the mixture, whereas feldspar melts, creating a denser tile and more stain-resistant.? It is possible to fire porcelain tiles up to 2,300°F. This will drive out more moisture from the tile. Feldspar melts to form low-order glass, making the tile more resistant to liquids and weather.

If you’re planning to purchase from kitchen tile supplier Mississauga in the future, you may want to consider comparing the two types of tiles.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Pros and Cons

1. Capacity for water resistance

In comparison to ceramic, porcelain floor tiles are denser and water-resistant when it comes to fluid resistance.

2. Cuts Easier

For those customers who are looking for tiles in different shapes, ceramic tiles from reliable tile suppliers are the best option. Ceramic is less impermeable than porcelain. We can mix and match different patterns according to the theme of the home.

3. Absorbency of water

Porcelain floor tiles have much less water absorption, so they are the best choice for exteriors in any climate. Ceramic tiles are unreliable in cold climates and prone to cracking.

4. Capacity for stain resistance

When it comes to staining and scratching, porcelain floor tiles are more resilient than ceramic. Flooring and ceramic tiles in Mississauga are covered with a glaze. If a crack or chip appears, you will be able to see the clay underneath the glaze.

5. Durability

Both porcelain and ceramic tiles for bathroom and flooring are extremely durable and do not crack easily. But porcelain floor tiles are more resilient to high footfall and abrasion. They are a great choice for entrances, hallways, and commercial areas. Ceramic tiles are a good option for areas with low to moderate foot traffic.

6. Retaining Color

Flooring and ceramic tiles in Mississauga have a long-lasting color. The colors are fired into the clay body or onto the glaze, so they don’t fade under direct sunlight.

7. Characteristics of transparency

Porcelain floor tiles are much more translucent. They are vitrified and then cooked at a high temperature. This process may be unusual for ceramic tiles, but it creates a tile that is exceptionally bright, white, and transparent.

8. Resilient to fire

Ceramic tiles can spread flames more readily than porcelain tiles, which do not burn easily. Porcelain tiles from reliable tile suppliers can also restrict the movement of flames in case of a fire.

9. Aesthetic Appeal

Ceramic tiles can be printed in a way to give an attractive look to hardwood and stones. Since both tiles are a mixture of clay, ceramic tiles are available in more red, earthy coloration.

10. Life span

In comparison to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles from kitchen tile suppliers in Mississauga can stand for decades if properly installed.

11. Cost

In general, ceramic tiles are more affordable than porcelain floor tiles because they exceed the standard and increase the cost of installation. However, porcelain tiles are more durable and last longer, so they may be a good investment.

12. Maintenance and Upkeep

It is very easy to maintain porcelain tiles. They are waterproof and resistant to damage, stains, and water penetration. Regular cleaning or periodic wet mopping with a pH-balanced solution is sufficient to get rid of dust and debris. On the other hand, ceramic tiles are difficult to clean since they are extremely hard.

Our Final Thoughts

Tiles should not only look good and fit your style, but they should also last for years to come. Porcelain tiles are better for those who plan to tile their kitchens with children and pets around the house. On the other hand, ceramic tiles from reliable tile suppliers are better if you plan to renovate your bathroom. If you are looking for stylish porcelain or ceramic tiles for bathroom or kitchen visit us today at www.dixietileshop.com