When redoing a bathroom, the tiles significantly make a huge impression. The arrays of colors, shapes, and designs of bathroom wall & floor tiles available are merely astounding and can make it harder to determine the right option. Bathroom tiles are no longer a new concept in today’s day and age. The high functionality and versatility of bathroom tiles make them the best choice to opt for when it comes to redoing the bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Trends to follow in 2020

Choosing the tiles from arrays of options available for a bathroom remodeling project is not a simple task. The vast ranges of design, color, texture, and shapes available are overwhelming. Years back, tile installation was done, keeping only the functional benefits in mind, i.e. durability, low maintenance, and water resistance. But today, the aesthetic impact of tiles is as significant as the functioning. There are varieties of selections available you can use to give your bathroom a unique style. The five best bathroom wall & floor tiles trends for 2020 are addressed here.

Graphics Patterns

Whether your bathroom redoing project is about installing tiles on the floor or wall, Graphic Pattern is the best option to choose from. The sophisticated patterns available for this tile-type – whether bold contrasting colors or soft subtle hues – will captivate you. Patterned tiles have become very popular for the past few years and will indeed continually increase its popularity. Not only in your bathroom space, but you can also use graphic pattern tiles in all other areas of your house.

Matte Finishes

Matt finish porcelain tiles

The bathroom tiles with matte finishes have been popular for many years now. These tiles don’t show stains, spots, and watermarks like glossy tiles. However, matte tiles are ideal bathroom tiles. They emphasize a flexible and compelling style that doesn’t get too overwhelming. This easy to maintain tiles are highly recognized for reflecting light. It allows enough lighting into space. However, if you want your bathroom to look more elegant and sophisticated, matte finish tiles are the best option to pick. They can also give your space the earthy style look.

Glossy Finishes

Tiles with glossy finishes will have a dramatic effect on your bathroom. They will create a highly polished and elegant feel. Notably, they are the best option to use for small bathrooms since they have the propensity to reflect quite enough light and however, make space look more extensive than the reality. The only drawback with glossy tiles is they are slip hazards and need comparatively more maintenance. It is advisable to use them on the walls, or low-traffic bathroom floor. If you want to have a dramatic and attractive bathroom, glossy tile finishes will be the best pick.


The use of neutral colors has become the most favorable case for the 2020 trends for bathroom tiles. Contemporary designs make the most use of neutral tones. Blue, yellow, red – bright colors like these are not advisable for common areas like a bathroom and still won’t be a rising star anytime soon. Instead, you may lose your heart to neutral colors like cream and gray. In the range of complementary neutral shades, gray and beige tend to be the most popular options today.

Visit any local and estimable store like DixieTilesShop.com to get the best innovative design ideas that can inspire you the most for your bathroom project. White tiles are a perfect choice if you want your bathroom to look brighter. This space is meant for relaxing, and soft colors like white will create the atmosphere. Tiles with neutral color shades allow the mind to stay relaxed and calm. You can use neutral tones everywhere right from the flooring to the ceiling. To ensure the energetic feel, you can cover the space with different neutral shades, textures, and shapes, or finishes.


With colors and patterns, manufacturers are also doing experiments with bathroom styles and shapes. From the traditional rectangle and square tiles, the new trend will bring arrays of different geometric shapes. One particular configuration is the hexagon. Various sizes, textures, and colors are available if you want to have hexagonal tiles in your bathroom. This tile option will create a specific appearance when you use it on the shower floor.

You can develop novel patterns by layering different colors of hexagonal tiles. Besides, you can arrange striking bathroom floor tiles in layers with bold graphic design patterns, geometric shapes, combining them with color patterns. This way, you will create a visually arresting style. Geometric tiles, if layered on a full scale, i.e., on entire walls or flooring, can make your small bathroom look bigger.

Final Words

Buying appropriately suitable tiles for your bathroom project can be a significant challenge. Stop by a classy tile outlet like Dixie Tiles Shop, where you can get arrays of trendy choices. There are arrays of varieties in terms of color, finishes, shapes, and material. Determine the helpful information listed above on bathroom tile trends for 2020 to make your best decision on the right option for your space that looks the best to your eyes.

Standard Bathroom Tile Sizes: 12×24, 6×36, 24×24, 16×32, 32×32, 36×72, 48×96
Custom Bathroom Tile Sizes: 24×48, 63×126, 32×64