Kitchen backsplashes are used to protect the walls from splash and spills but at the same time they also contribute in enhancing the overall look of your kitchen. It reflects your personality and the mood of your cooking space. That is why today’s backsplash tile manufacturers have come up with a huge variety of designs that perfectly cater to individual tastes and preferences. But that certainly does not mean that you can choose any random tile that looks attractive. You need to pass through multiple steps before putting your finger onto the right one to ensure that the design you select serves its purpose and gels up with the existing decor as well.

1. The right material

The first step to reach to a suitable tile for your kitchen is to decide about the material. Backslash tile suppliers offer various materials in tiles like glass, ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite and metal. Choosing the right one is solely based on your budget as designs can be customized to provide the exact look that you want. With the growing technological advancement even ceramic tiles can be designed to give the look of marbles and even metallic surface. if you have a budget limitation then porcelain and ceramic are the best choice for you. Again if you are ready to spend more on your choice then you can easily pick marble, granite and glass.

2. Tile design

Tiles are available in different shapes and sizes. let us have a look at the features of each shape

Diagonal tile:
As the name suggests it comes in a diagonal cut. It undoubtedly provides a distinctive look to your kitchen but these tiles are costly. Moreover if you choose it for your kitchen you will need more tiles than usual for a perfect set up.

Laser cut tiles:
These tiles are shaped using laser technology which gives them a unique look. It resembles the look of a puzzle when properly done and are comparatively expensive.

Subway tiles:
These tiles are the most commonly used backsplash tiles. They provide a clear and clean cut look to your kitchen. You will generally find these tiles in subways which is why it is called subway tiles.

Apart from these, you will also see hand painted tiles, herringbone shaped tiles, mosaic tiles and specially shaped tiles. We understand that such amount of variety in shapes and designs often confuse you. That is why we recommend you to make a comparative study before making the final decision. You can also browse through some pictures of kitchen backsplashes to get an idea of the look.

3. Mix and match

When you are done with your material and shape the challenge that comes in your way is to find a design that perfectly blends with your walls, counter tops and appliances as well. For a successful mix and match operation you have two options. One, you can go for a tile that goes well with the color of the surrounding decor and two you can choose a tile that has contrasting features with the existing decor. If you take the second option then mosaic and hand painted tiles the best choice for you.

4. Height

The height of the backsplash is also a crucial factor that can affect the overall appearance of your cooking area. The standard countertop to cabinet height is a safe choice that most of the house owners make, but you can always opt for a full height backsplash that attracts more eyes than that one.

5. Installation tips

when you finally make your decision regarding your tile, you can use the following tips before the installation.

  • Make an outline of the project which includes everything starting from choosing a tile design to the area needed to be covered
  • Following the manufacturers’ instruction you can apply a thin quote of mosaic adhesive on a clean wall
  • Buy a tile saw that measures and cuts tiles with excellence.

When you plan to renovate your kitchen, contact a backsplash tile supplier who can help you succeed in this project.