Whether you are renovating your kitchen or building a brand new one, you need to keep your backsplash in mind. Backsplashes are counted amongst the necessities of your kitchen because of its functional properties. They safeguard your walls from splashes and spills but choosing the right kitchen backsplash tile can highly contribute to increase your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal as well.

Tiles are widely accepted as the best option for backsplashes due to their versatility in designs, color options, shapes, sizes and prices. If you are confused about which tile to choose for your kitchen decor here are the top 6 kitchen tile backsplash ideas that will help you make a suitable choice.

1. Mosaic tile

The mosaic tiles have a thousand year old history but it has recently gained a massive popularity. If you wish to add multiple colors then kitchen mosaic tiles are the best choice for you. These small tiles are designed with various colors. You can also add a subtle tonal variation in your kitchen with these tiles. A kitchen backsplash, built with mosaic tiles are amazing as it provides an easy installation method and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

2. Marble tiles

Marbles have an incredible ability to turn your simple kitchen into a glamorous and high end kitchen but that is only possible when the marbles are not cut into marble tiles. Marble tile backsplashes are a more affordable option than an entire marble slab. Marble tiles give you the scope to play with colors in different patterns and shapes. To achieve the desired look you need to choose the marble that is less porous.

3. Classic subway tiles

Backsplashes made up of classic subway tiles are the most affordable and trendiest backsplash choice in the market now. Its non porous nature and easy to clean facilities have impressed the users to a great extent. They are also available in different patterns and colors so that you can add your personalized touch to it. You can go for a stacked bond pattern or contrasting colors, if you prefer contemporary backsplash idea.

4. Geometric tiles

Geometric tiles are another popular backsplash tile option that is here to stay. The unique shapes of these tiles add a fresh appeal to your kitchen. Matching it with a simple cabinetry and countertops brighten up the design even more. These trendy tiles are an affordable alternative to subway tiles.

5. Glass tiles

Go for glass tiles for your backsplash if you think your kitchen is in need of colors and natural light. The reflective properties of these tiles remarkably brighten up the space. They are scratch resistant and easier to clean but they are a bit expensive than other backsplash tiles.

6. Mixed and matched tiles

If you find it difficult to go with a particular type of tile, you can certainly mix and match these different tile options to get your preferred look. You can also save few bucks if you find tiles on clearance that work together. It offers a unique and informal look. In order to maintain cohesion you can try out tiles that are same in color or shape or size.

Kitchen is one of the high traffic areas in our house and that is why while choosing a suitable tile we need to keep its functional and aesthetic properties in mind. Even if you prioritize your cabinetry and countertop finishes while renovating your kitchen, do not forget about the backsplash which also gives you the opportunity to decorate your kitchen.

A Complete Guide to Backsplash Tiles