Porcelain tiles are high-quality tiles that last much longer than the regular ceramic tiles. They can survive heavy foot traffic and stand firm for years without any damage. Tile supplier companies in Mississauga, provide porcelain tiles for different types of residential and commercial spaces to ensure that the space has the right flooring.

Porcelain tiles are made from clay that is processed at a high temperature. It is glazed, which ensures that there are no liquids and moisture that is soaked up in the tiles. The glaze is kind of a smooth finish that acts as a stronghold against food and liquid spills on the tiles. Some companies that offer flooring and ceramic tile in Mississauga, also have frost-resistance porcelain tiles for outdoor settings.

In this article, we will focus in detail about how porcelain tiles are used in different spaces. We will also provide tips on properly utilizing the tiles for perfect flooring in your house. You can outsource the tiles from a tile warehouse in Mississauga or hire a general contractor who can take full responsibility of the porcelain tiles under your desired budget.

Construction of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are much stronger than ceramic tiles. They are widely used in commercial applications and industrial spaces where a lot of foot traffic is inevitable. It is a permanent and stable form of flooring.

The tile is made from firing clay at high temperatures. The edges are refined and cut to ensure that the tile has the required hardness. These tiles have precision cutting, and the corners and sides are closely linked together. It is lightweight and thinner, providing a stylish and premium look to the entire flooring, along with a tidy appearance to the whole room.

Tile supplier companies in Mississauga provide different types and sizes of tiles available. There are various textures and shapes of tiles. Most recently, the plank-style tiles that give the appearance of a hardwood floor are getting extremely popular. Let us look at some tips that can help you give a rich look to your space with porcelain tiles.

Useful tips about Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are robust and dense. They do not leave any chance of leakages as the clay is bonded together to ensure that no gaps are left. Here are some useful tips about porcelain tiles –

  1. Porcelain tiles are more expensive than regular tiles but they give a premium look and feel. You should use large-format tiles that produce a dramatic effect. It will enhance the appearance of your space by providing a wide-dimension look.
  2. Request “full-bodied” or “through” labelled tiles. The colour and patterns run right through the tiles If any damage occurs at the corners or edges, it would not be noticeable as the inside texture is similar to the outside pattern.
  3. Did you know that porcelain and ceramic tile Mississauga, are used heavily for outdoor surfaces as well? You can seamlessly match the indoor flooring with outdoor spaces by installing waterproof and frost porcelain tiles. They are resistant to different temperature changes and drastically improve the appearance of the entire house.
  4. Porcelain hard wearing is great for bathroom installations as well. First of all, it will save the natural bathroom floor from any damage. It is an excellent alternative for hard stones that might not have the same premium feel as porcelain tiles. The natural-looking effects add beauty to the appearance of your bathroom space.

You can visit a tiles warehouse in Mississauga, where you can look at different types of porcelain tiles. After that, you can select the best one that matches your house colour and patterns. It is a good practice to let the architect deal with the tile company or else you can order tiles on your own and get them installed.