When it comes to bathroom, the first thing that comes to our mind is tiles. You can use tiles almost in every part of your bathroom. If you ever visit a tile showroom, you will be astonished to see the varieties that it offers for your bathroom decoration. Amongst many tile options mosaics are one of the most popularly used bathroom tiles. It offers a wide variety of styles that enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Whether you want a classic or modern funky look for your bathroom, mosaic tiles can help you achieve your preferred look for your bathroom.

Here are some bathroom designing ideas with mosaic tiles that you can utilize for your next bathroom renovation project

1. Accent wall

Tiled accent walls are quite in trend nowadays. Mosaic tiles are often mounted in sheets which makes it easy to install in large areas with smaller borders by simply cutting the sheet. You can create an accent wall in your bathroom using mosaic tiles and add a tile border running through your entire bathroom to maintain cohesion. The proper place for your tiled accent wall in your bathroom is behind the shower head or on the wall just opposite to the bathroom door. You can also add soap and shampoo storage nook in your mosaic accent wall.

2. Retro bathroom design

Mosaic tiles have been a popular choice for bathrooms from a very long time. There are many mosaic tiles that resemble the shape and style of Victorian and 1920s art decoration designs. Retro tiles can bring amazing transformation to any room when combined with the subway tiles on walls.

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3. Simple border

Cutting mosaic sheets into borders that cover the perimeter into the room can bring additional color and interest to your bathroom. Light reflects Mosaic tiles in a different manner due to the way each tile is enclosed by grout. This instantly catches eyes and lightens the area. You can pair up glass mosaics with a plain white subway tile to decorate a child’s bathroom. To achieve a unified look, you can expand the border up and over the bathroom mirror.

4. Entire walls

There was a time when the usage of mosaics was limited to only bathroom floor whereas the larger tiles were preferred for walls. Time has changed and today mosaics are suitable for application in anywhere. For a contemporary look you can install mosaic on walls and large tile on floors.

Mosaic tiles can make an area look bigger than its actual size. This diverts people’s eyes upward. If it is teamed up with a simple floor tile with comparatively less grout lines, it can magically make the bathroom look larger.

It is quite evident that mosaic tiles contribute a lot to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. You just need to apply it on proper places to get your preferred look. If you are planning to redesign your bathroom anytime soon do not hesitate to try bold colored tiles. You can incorporate mosaic bathroom tiles to beatify your bathroom space. Contact your nearest experienced and efficient mosaic tile manufacturers to help you out in this