A bathroom is the area of our house we return to freshen up and relax. It is the base of our morning routine. With the exception of shower unit, basin, and walls, flooring also plays an important role to maintain its style forever. Choosing the right and malleable tiles for the bathroom flooring is important to fulfill most of your bathroom related concerns. And, natural stone tiles are considered to be the best solution. Most often, Natural stones intensify the uniqueness of your bathroom.

Choosing the Best Natural Stone for Your Bathroom Flooring

Natural stone tiles are luxurious. They bring the imperial feel to your home with an array of beautiful textures, colors, and durability. Various types of building and tiling natural stones have already been used in history across the globe for building places of worship, baths, monuments, and more. DecorPapa tile manufacturers in Canada offer an array of natural stone tiles that can get you the best opportunity to choose the reliable natural stone tiles your bathroom flooring. Moreover, when it comes to picking out the best choice it is important to understand the details about various different materials that can facilitate your type of choice.

  • Marble

Marble tiles signify riches, luxury, and royalty. This option was used by wealthy people only in ancient times. But now, this indoor and outdoor tiling patterns and shades are available for everyone. This metamorphic rock is available in an array of colors. Marble Tiles moreover can make your bathroom more beautiful with suitable colored vanity tops and other bathroom items. From the material point of view, marbles are quite durable if paid special attention. They can easily get stains and scratches. Visit a reputable tile shop to select beautiful and high-quality marble tiles for your bathroom renovation project. In order to maintain your bathroom marble tiles for years avoid cleaning them with any sort of chemicals.

  • Granite

Granite is an igneous rock. This solid rock has a grainy texture and is available in many different shapes. Granite tiles are durable and highly preferred for kitchen and bathroom tiling. Absolutely, black granite would be the best bet for bathroom tiling. Material wise, granite tiles are easy to maintain and are resistant to chemicals which are usually found in most cleaning materials. Granite tiles can hold its shine for a long duration if maintained and cared for in a proper way.

  • Limestone

This sedimentary rock is basically composed of the fragments of corals, mollusks and some other marine organisms. Limestone tiles are one of the most popular and ancient building materials. These tiles are resilient and long lasting. The huge variety of colors will for sure fulfill your key demands. Limestone absorbs water easily. This feature makes it an excellent choice for natural stone flooring for bathrooms. Like other tiling option, these limestone tiles also require to be properly cleaned and regularly maintained.

  • Travertine

Travertine is light-colored calcareous rock deposited from mineral springs. The spongy formation of travertine tiles makes it the perfect choice for bathroom tile. Despite being soft, travertine tiles are still durable and will last longer if maintained in the right manner. Nowadays, an array of colors, textures, and finishes are available out in the market that can bring warmth to your bathroom area.

  • Slate

This metamorphic rock is powdery and unvarying. Splitting into thin sheets this rock is turned into tiles. Slate tiles are available in many shades of grey, green, and purple. The flexibility of slate tiles makes it suitable for homes with any design; whether ancient or modern.

  • Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, in terms of quality, durability, texture, and patterns, natural stone tiles for bathrooms are the best option. Natural stone tiles add beauty and a sense of royalty to your bathroom. As treated above, natural stone tiles are resilient, but still, they can get damaged due to strains and scratches. Proper care, however, can get it live long. The variety of colors, finishing, and textures may vary from bunch to bunch since natural stones are originated from the earth and developed in their own design. Most reputable stone tile suppliers will recommend you to buy some additional tiles in any case if you may need a probable future replacement.