Mosaic Glass Tile – M00049

  • Size :          3″x12″ (inches)
  • Price :        As per piece
  • Coverage:  0.25 square foot/piece
  • Material :   Glass
  • Usage:       Wall, kitchen, bathroom
  • Color :        Red
  • Weight:     3-4 pound / square foot


This red glass tile comes with iridescent finishes that flicker with every light and shadow. Suitable for all wet and dry applications including showers, backsplashes and pools, kitchens and washrooms, offering a distinct style and design.

3 reviews for Mosaic Glass Tile – M00049

  1. Steven Watson

    3×12 FERRARI Red Glass Tile has such a unique shine to it

  2. Daniel

    For the people who are bold and like to live their lives in color, red is the color for your surfaces. It is suitable for both wet and dry applications. If you are tired of that blue color in your pool or even that normal and common white color, go bold, go red. It is quite a sight to behold and has very beautiful flickering lights and shadows that are as a result of its finishes.

  3. Mustafa

    If you are tired of the common colors in washrooms, you can switch it up and try that bold red color. The Ferrari red glass tile is a breath of fresh air and with its iridescent finishes, there are sparkling lights with every shadow. They are made of pure glass that eliminates all possibilities of fading and makes it so much easier for you to clean. For the very affordable price of $9.99 CAD for a piece of tile, you can get yourself as many as you need.

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