Mosaic Glass Tile -831

Size :         12×12
Price :        As per piece
Coverage: 1 Sqf / pc
Material :   Glass
Usage:       Wall and floor kitchen, hallway and laundry room or anywhere interior.
Color :       Cream, Beige and Brown
Weight:      3 pound / pc


4 reviews for Mosaic Glass Tile -831

  1. Mark K

    Really good quality mosaic tiles, everything from this company is amazing! would recommend to everyone I know

  2. Nikki

    Previously $15.58 CAD, these beige mosaic tiles are now affordable to you. At the price of $11.99 CAD, you too can enjoy this beautiful color scheme in your kitchen or bathroom. The size is quite commendable as it is a 12*12. The great thing about this beige tiles is that they are so versatile that they are able to fit in any interior. It is not just limited to kitchens and bathrooms.

  3. Hatim

    This beige mosaic tile comes in a 12*12 size, which is a great piece of size. The color is not too basic and neither too extreme for those of you who prefer something that is a bit out of your comfort zone but also within the warm and calm colors. This type of tiles is also suitable for your floor. In addition, they weigh just 3 pounds hence are not too heavy on your surface.

  4. Geera

    If you are interested in bringing a smooth texture that brings out a sharp appearance to your surface, then the beige and brown color scheme would make a great fit for you. The glass tile has a dotted
    texture that makes the tile appearance come out more vivid and sharp. The tile is made of glass to keep the surface soft and shiny to make it easy to wipe off dirt.

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