Artistic Mosaic Tile – 985

Size:          12″ x 12″ Inch 
Price:         Per Piece
Coverage: 1 sq ft / Piece
Material:    Marble
Usage:       Wall & Floor  
Color:        White & Grey
Weight:      3 lb / Piece
Water Absorption: < 0.2


The Artistic Maple Leaf Marble tile is your solution to making sure your room stands out with class. This beautiful mosaic has been laser cut from premium oriental white and grey marble that offers a vivid and luxurious appearance that can’t be matched. The tile’s unique design creates an intricate color-shifting effect that’s rarely seen in other tiles and is certain to add character to any interior space.

The various types of marble in this mosaic have a natural translucent property that allows light to slightly penetrate through it. This can make a statue, or even floor tiles seem to almost glow when the sun hits them just right. The illuminated effect is much more pronounced in white and lighter colored marbles.

To maintain the gorgeous appearance of this mosaic, use a natural, light soap or marble cleaner for regular spills and cleaning. If dust or other debris has accumulated a bit on your countertop or floor, dilute a gentle dish soap in a little warm water and use a soft cloth to clean. Avoid any vinegar or acid based cleaners when cleaning marble!