Mosaic Glass Tile – 830

Size:          12″ x 12″ Inch – 10 mm Thick
Price:         Per Piece
Coverage: 1 sq ft / Piece
Material:    Glass
Usage:       Walls 
Color:        White & Brown
Weight:      3 lb / Piece



The 1×4 White & Brown Glass Strips is a mosaic consisting of slabs of glass that have dotted and smooth backgrounds that were carefully cut using a state of the art water jet system and inspected thoroughly to insure a perfect fit with every edge. The design makes it the perfect way to add elegance and sophistication to walls of any interior.

With its very elegant and clean look, it’s a great design for walls in bathrooms and kitchens that need something to tie them together. This mosaic consisting of gently colored interlocking glass redefines beauty, making it an excellent choice for upscale and luxurious interiors.

Glass tiles require very little effort to keep them shimmering and shining like the day you installed them. Since glass is a non-porous material, it’s difficult for food stains and water splashes to penetrate the surface. You can simply wipe the glass tile clean with a solution of vinegar and water or spray it with your favorite window cleaner and wipe it clean with a soft cloth whenever dirt starts to accumulate.

4 reviews for Mosaic Glass Tile – 830

  1. Stephen Cami

    Beatiful, high end tiles

  2. dom

    For the great price of $11.99 CAD, you can get yourself this breathtaking piece of tile. It comes in a 12*12 size per piece. The material is made of glass that is suitable for most tiles and weighs 3 pounds. The mosaic color scheme is suitable for people who cannot settle on one color or
    simply just like a combination of not so harsh tones in their spaces.

  3. Jus James

    Previously sold at $15.99 CAD, this tile is now affordable to everyone. Now, at the price of $11.99 CAD, there is now no excuse to not get this tile. It is very easy to clean due to the glass material used on its surface and maintain a sparkling shine to it at all times. The glass also presents the colors from fading. The colors are suitable for any type of surface from kitchens, offices, and bathrooms.

  4. Tile lover

    The black and white color has always been a classic combination. This should not stop because the black and white mix glass strips mosaic tiles are exactly that. Classic. Made of glass to maintain that glow, they make quite that eye-catching moment when installing in any of your surfaces. Not only do they have that glow, they are quite easy to clean and maintain. Due to the durability of the glass material used.

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