Artistic Mosaic Tile – 970

Size:                       08″ x 08″  inch, 10 mm Thick
Price:                     Per Piece
Coverage:              0.5 sq ft / Piece
Material:                 Marble
Usage:                    Wall & Floor
Color:                     White/Gold
Weight:                   3 lb / Piece
Water Absorption: < 0.2


The Golden Cloud mosaic is like no other. Made from oriental white marble, this work of art was cut by a state of the art water-jet system and carefully examined for top quality.

With its very elegant and clean look, it’s a great design for floors and walls in bathrooms and kitchens that need a little extra flair. This golden cloud backsplash mosaic tile redefines beauty with its intricate and flowing lines, making it an excellent choice for upscale and luxurious interiors.

To maintain the gorgeous appearance of this mosaic, use a natural, light soap or marble cleaner for regular spills and cleaning. If dust or other debris has accumulated a bit, dilute a little bit of dish soap in warm water and use a soft cloth to clean. Avoid any vinegar or acid based cleaners when cleaning marble!