Stainless Steel Tile – HS105

Size:          12″ x 12″ Inch – 10 mm Thick
Price:         Per Piece
Coverage: 1 sq ft / Piece
Material:    Stainless Steel
Usage:       Wall & Floor
Color:         Silver
Weight:      3 lb / Piece


The Stainless Teel Versalli Silver mosaic is a tile that needs no introduction. The tile’s design is as awe inspiring as its captivating. Blocks of stainless steel that was cut by a state of the art water jet system are arranged in a perfectly symmetrical arrangement. The design makes it the perfect way to add elegance and sophistication to walls and floors of any interior.

With its very elegant and clean look, it’s a great design for floors & walls in bathrooms and kitchens that need something to tie them together. This mosaic consisting of stainless steel blocks has a beautiful finish that’ll match the rest of your stainless steel appliances along with a few squares which have a mirror-finish. 

It’s possible that you could end up with stains on stainless steel wall tiles, caused by deposits of hard water. The tiles tend to look quite ugly under these circumstances, but the stains are very easy to remove. Make a paste, using either baking soda and water, or borax and water. Apply to the entire surface with a cloth (not a brush) then rinse off using warm water and a clean, dry cloth. This should remove the stains. If small marks remain, repeat the procedure. Don’t rub too hard or you might scratch the tiles.