For an outstanding design and great interior, people often choose Mosaic tiles these days. Mosaic tile manufacturers like offer the best designs to give houses and offices unique and artistic looks. These tiles come in different materials like glass, stone, granite, ceramic, etc. Some people often confuse mosaic with the regular design but mosaic, in simple language is many parts of a particular material joined together to create a beautiful design or art. Sometimes these pieces can be similar and sometimes these pieces may be different but eventually leading to a significant overall design.

Mosaic tiles can be used on an entire wall or just into a portion to make an intricate design. Mosaic tile companies make these tiles in many types, while some can be really small for example 2 inch or less, others can be bigger in size. These tiles can be used in the kitchen, hall, entrance, etc. At times, Mosaic tiles are also used as an outline or border to a regular big tile. Mosaic can really complement bigger tiles if chosen rightly.

The best part about Mosaic tiles is they are easy to install. With a few easy tips in mind, one can easily lay these tiles. You may want to take a professional’s help in order to install Mosaic tiles but installing them on your own by using these small tips will not only give your house an artistic personalized look but you will learn something new too.

Here Are Some Best Tips For Installing Mosaic Tiles

Choosing Tiles
On DixieTileShop, there are so many options available in Mosaic tiles.

You can pick any design of your choice and make something beautiful out of that. Use colors that are complementary to each other. Keep the space that you want to redesign in your mind and use your creativity. Alternatively, you can also take our help by talking to a design consultant there.

About Installation
Before installing Mosaic tiles make sure the surface of the wall is smooth and flat. In case of any bump or paint on the wall, first sand the surface. Remove any accessories, decorative or switchboards, etc that you might have on the wall and cut the tiles accordingly with the help of a ruler and nipper.

Calculate the horizontal and vertical size of the surface that needs to be used for Mosaic Tiles. Make marks on the walls to define the location of tiles. The spacing between Mosaic sheets and tiles should be identical so before installing the tiles you can actually practice by arranging the tiles.

Further, select the adhesive carefully. There are many kinds of adhesives available in the market but use the one that is suitable for your tiles. To even the adhesive, use a notched trowel. After installing the tiles, spread the grout on the entire arrangement and later, wipe it with a grout sponge.

Make sure you keep the grout float at 45-degrees. Notice that the glass tiles have a tendency to break so be cautious while using these types of mosaic tiles. Wear protective gloves while handling or installing these tiles. Selection of all tools such as adhesive, grout, nippers, spreaders should be done carefully.

While the process looks a little intricate, once understood properly, it can be implemented like a professional. Use these important techniques and tips to give your house an outstanding new design and look!