Most interior designers agree that flooring and ceramic tile are made for each other. Ceramic tiles are highly durable and provide an appealing look to the floor as well. Whether it is your kitchen or bedroom, you can choose ceramic tile supplies in Mississauga to give your house a complete look.

While working on the flooring, ceramic tiles give a warm and appealing effect to the room. They look clean, elegant, and capture the attention of your visitors at first glance.

However, before you get a wholesale tiles supply for your entire home, you must carefully understand the pros and cons of ceramic tiles. It will help you decide whether they are suitable for your house or not.

Pros of Ceramic Tiles


1. Durability

One of the primary advantages that you get when you think of flooring and ceramic tile together is durability. Ceramic tiles can last up to 20 years in some cases because of their hard and stable development. Even when something heavy drops on the floor, the tile doesn’t easily break. There might be a break, but the tile is easily replaceable.

2. Low maintenance

Ceramic tile supplies in Mississauga confer that these tiles require low maintenance over their lifetime. Any stains or dirt doesn’t get absorbed but only stays on the surface, which is really easy to clean. You can clean them using a soft brush or vacuum, and it won’t make any difference to the appearance and hardness of the tiles.

3. Waterproof tiles

Ceramic tiles are mostly preferred because they are waterproof. When you get a wholesale tiles supply for your home, you are ensuring that water doesn’t leak. You can install these tiles on the first floor of your house and stop worrying about water leaks from the bathroom. Apart from that, any liquid that falls on them will not seep into the surface as the material of tiles is hard enough to stop any leakage.

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Cons of Ceramic Tiles


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1. Coldness

Some people don’t prefer ceramic tiles because they are always too cold. Even though it is an advantage in the summer season, it will hurt your feet in the winters. Canada is already a cold place, and these ceramic tiles will add another layer to it. They are not really good at holding heat and natural light.

2. Slippery

Ceramic tiles can be a little slippery, especially in the bathroom. Flooring and ceramic tiles in the bathroom get overused with time, which can result in surface peeling and make it slippery. You can put a rug over the ceramic tiles installed in the other rooms, but you have to be careful with the bathroom ones.

3. Heaviness

When you are getting tile supplies in Mississauga, you should know that they are really hard and heavy. It makes the flooring heavy, and experts don’t recommend using it on the upper floor. And since they are hard, they can really break things that might have even fallen on them from a little height. Ceramic tiles put some extra weight on the floors. You must be sure of the structural integrity before installing them.