If you are looking for the best flooring material and luxurious look that you see on all the home improvement shows, then you need to know that your search gets over with natural stone. Natural stone is popular because of its classic beauty, lasting value, and durability. that’s why it is one of the top-recommended flooring solutions according to leading natural stone suppliers in Mississauga. Several leading stone suppliers in Mississauga will provide high-quality stone tile for flooring. They are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, foyers, and living areas.

What do you need to know about natural stone flooring?

You may or may not be aware that stone suppliers in Mississauga provide stone which is a tile cut directly from stone blocks. They have formed millions of years ago. Comparatively, there are cheap backsplash tiles in Toronto also available. You should be aware that they are manufactured by combining different substances and chemicals. Stone tiles have been in use for several years now.

One of the best things about these tiles is that it offers timeless elegance. Homes and buildings made of natural stone do not become outdated. The tile’s value enhances with time. You can use natural stone flooring to create a sense of space. One can achieve this through the seamless integration of exterior and interior areas.

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Types of natural stone flooring


Interior design experts from Natural stone suppliers in Mississauga suggest that marble flooring is prominent for its look for its luxury smooth texture and high gloss finish. It comes in different colors, even though white marble is evident in oil. Additionally, marble tile sizes run the full range from large to small mosaic tiles, and all the shapes are available, including square, rectangle, and triangular hexagonal.


Granite is superior to all other stones and is the best natural stone flooring for kitchens if you consider durability alone. It is even harder than marble. Stains are not even a problem when sealed, and dark colors might not even need sealing. The best is that it is easy to clean and hide dust and grime. One can go for cheap backsplash tiles in Toronto or granite depending upon the options.


It is formed by hot spring water that bubbles through the limestone. Its unique character and appearance make it a great flooring option. The natural stone is perfect for flooring material for bathroom shower stalls and living areas.


Limestone tile is not as prominent as marble or granite, but it is equally beautiful, having its characteristics. It is a sedimentary rock made from calcium carbonate in the form of the mineral calcite, including marbles. As it forms in shallow marine water, fossilized creatures’ coral shells can be seen in that pattern. Additionally, limestone is known for its durability, so it is used as railroad ballast roadways and concrete aggregate.

Reasons to use stone tiles for flooring


Experts from Stone supplier Mississauga suggest that stone floors can add elegance to any room. Stone tiles carry the intricate beauty of nature all by themselves, which makes them unique. If remarkable and strikingly beautiful are words that you are looking for while redesigning your space, then natural stone tiling is your best bet.


Natural stone tiles for flooring will remain beautiful for a long time. You must install them properly and they will last longer than anyone would stay on this planet. Basically, natural stones are the most rigid flooring materials and will also resist different types of scratching, staining, and cracking, making them perfect for heavy traffic areas, including outdoors.


Investments in natural stones surely do not go in vain. Certainly, they offer a great return on property investments by increasing the market value of your home. The fantastic material can combine all the features and still offers an excellent selection of patterns, colors, and textures. Besides, you will always find something to suit every taste and be installed in all house spaces.


You must be wondering which are the best stone tile materials from all the options that are available in the market. However, there is no perfect answer to this question. You would be safer with granite if less maintenance and high durability were your only focus. But if you are in love with marble, you should not think twice as they are low maintenance and will last a lifetime, as per the experts from Dixie Tile Shop – a top-rated Stone supplier in Mississauga.