A backsplash may be an extension of your kitchen counter. The walls around the sink and stove are especially vulnerable to damage from grease spills and splatters. However, it goes beyond mere utility. The ideal backsplash tile in Canada for your kitchen highlights its layout. Depending on the kind of material and color you select for your backsplash, it may add depth to the look of your kitchen and showcase your flair.

Regarding kitchen backsplash ideas, there are several varieties of tile to take into account, ranging from ceramic and glass to porcelain, stone, and metal. Consider the cost, durability, ease of cleaning, and how the tile will appear with your kitchen counters and cabinetry. Contact experts at Dixie Tile Shop for cost-effective and cheap backsplash tiles Canada. We are the leading name when it comes to tile supplies in Canada.

Here are ideas to choose kitchen backsplash tiles in Canada for your cabinets.

Best Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Canada

Ceramic Tile

Our selection of the most fantastic tiles for kitchen backsplashes is headed by artistic ceramic tile, their best-selling ceramic tile. Kitchen tiles in Mississauga are available in square and rectangular shapes and features coordinating trim to complete the design. Even while white is the most common color, those searching for more eye-catching kitchen backsplash ideas will be thrilled to learn that the tile is also offered in black white and grey hues, including aqua and green. A striking floral design is also an option for the square size. Get in touch with Dixie Tile Shop for cheap tile supplies in Mississauga.


  • Ceramic with a glaze is simple to maintain.
  • Durable
  • Both traditional choices and uncommon hues/patterns.


  • They are more expensive than other ceramic tiles.
  • Cracks may appear anytime.

Best Kitchen Glass Backsplash Tile

Glass mosaic tile

The modular glass tile will give your kitchen a calm and vibrant appearance. These backsplash tiles, mixed-size square tiles in different blue tones and a splash of yellow, appear right out of the Art Deco era. You may use this tile in other areas of the house. They are the ideal hue to match your kitchen cabinets at home. Only in one weekend, you can DIY a backsplash made of mosaic tiles. For top-rated Kitchen tiles in Mississauga, contact experts at Dixie Tile Shop, a leading name for tile supplies in Canada.


  • Vibrant colors are available in glass
  • Simple to clean
  • Also suitable for use outside the kitchen


  • Cost varies with square footage
  • Challenging to replace

Best Kitchen Backsplash Tile in Porcelain

Stone and Porcelain Tile

Clay is baked at high temperatures to create porcelain tile with good resilience and resistance to spills and messes. The porcelain mosaic tile and stone tiles come in greyish tones that go nicely with most kitchen hues. The light tiles provide brightness to your room, but the timeless pattern complements modern and contemporary designs, and the matte surface adds a touch of refinement. We can recommend you the best kitchen tiles in Mississauga. Connect with our professionals today.


  • Ceramics appears more costly than it is.
  • Matte surfaces better conceal smudges than glossy ones.
  • Resilient and lasting


  • It can be challenging to install and cut porcelain.

Best Kitchen Backsplash Stone Tile

Marble and Mosaic tile

There are several types of stone, such as granite, limestone, marble, and slate. The marble and mosaic tile from our tile supplies Mississauga is the perfect backsplash tile for creating a traditional design. These elegant rectangular tiles have a delicate grey vein running through a cream backdrop, making them a suitable option for kitchens of almost any color—especially those with dark cabinetry that require some brightness.

These marble tiles have a classic appearance that will never go out of style. Although porous, marble is a durable material requiring more maintenance than porcelain or ceramic tiles.


  • Marble tiles are robust and classic.
  • Most kitchen color schemes may provide a luxurious appearance.
  • It brings radiance and sophistication
  • Raises the value of a house


  • More expensive than alternatives
  • Vulnerable to stains
  • Sealing is required annually for optimum operation.

Best Cement Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Cement may not be the first material that springs to mind when considering the ideal backsplash tile for a kitchen, but it can be just as striking as glass or ceramic. There are many different colors and designs of cement, a material that is both ecologically beneficial and sustainable. Think about these cement tiles from our kitchen tiles Mississauga. The eight-inch square tiles’ Spanish-inspired pattern and neutral color scheme of white, grey, and sea foam go nicely with both light and dark cabinets and counters.


  • Sustainable and environmentally mindful cement material.
  • Distinctive appearance
  • With correct installation and sealing, long-lasting


  • More regular washing is necessary to avoid discoloration
  • Vulnerable to breaking when being installed


Knowing several materials to make backsplash tiles, you can choose the best type for your kitchen area based on your lifestyle and design objectives. Although each material is distinctive, they all play a crucial part in function and aesthetics. Reach out to us for cheapa and best backsplash tile for your kitchen.