Most bathrooms use tile as an integral component. Since the bathroom is a place with a lot of moisture, it needs to have easy-to-clean, moisture-resistant surfaces. A bathroom floor tile is an excellent solution for meeting the needs of a space while also providing the opportunity to add color, style, and design to a room.

Whether you’re planning to renovate a powder room floor or you’re tiling the walls and floors of a wet room, there are a number of choices out there for bathroom tiles in Mississauga. With the advancement in printing and manufacturing techniques, our imaginations are the only limit in regards to tile varieties and choices.

There is a wide variety of colors, styles, themes, and textures available on the market. From the ease of shopping online to sourcing it from bathroom tile suppliers in Mississauga, you really can have almost any tile choice you want.  In this article, we will explore a few of the top bathroom tile trends for 2022.

Large Tiles

Large tiles have been a popular floor tile option for quite a long, particularly in small areas like bathrooms. Large tiles comparatively have fewer grout lines than their smaller counterpart, which creates a cleaner and visually appealing look. Large tiles on the bathroom walls can further create that sense of openness and attractiveness in design.

You can find large format porcelain, glass as well as some natural stones and ceramic tiles. These tiles can be used in isolation or paired with smaller tiles to create varied designs. You can club them with both bathroom mosaic tiles and other large floor tiles to create a range of different looks for your bathroom.

Black and White Tiles

Black and white floor tiles are another popular style for many types of bathrooms. These tiles are actually used to create retro-bathroom styles. Various mosaic patterns such as hexagons, octagon-and-dots, and basket weaves are available in black and white bathroom floor tile options. Larger tiles can be found in solid black and white and can be laid out in a variety of different patterns, including checkers and offset rows.

You can also find bathroom floor tiles that are printed in a black and white pattern. This is a good idea to create any type of retro bathroom, especially if you don’t want to use mosaics, but do want something a little more formal on the floor.

Bold Color and Patterns

Bold colors and patterns in the bathroom have become a popular trend in recent years. Recent years have seen bathrooms becoming more of a place for people to relax, recharge, and become physically and mentally healthier when using them.

Some people, especially in urban settings, prefer to use unconventional materials like iridescent glass or eccentric mosaic tile ideas for the bathroom in order to boost their energy levels and catch their attention. This bathroom mosaic tiles trend is usually preferred by people who want to break the monotony and experience new things in life.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta is often a handmade earthy tile option that can help you create a beautiful rustic look for your bathroom with a lot of natural appeal. However, keep in mind that this material needs to be sealed if you use it in moist spaces like the bathroom to help prevent it from staining.

It can also be more expensive to install since it needs to be sealed before grouting, and also its uneven surface requires back buttering and other similar techniques to obtain an even level.

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Rustic Stone

Rustic stone is another natural material that has gained a lot of popularity in interior design trends this year. There are several different stones that can be used as bathroom flooring available at bathroom tile suppliers in Mississauga. Travertine is one such option. Travertine is a type of limestone that occurs inside hot springs.

The holes in Travertine must be filled with epoxy or grout – to help the tile hold its integrity. These tiles can create a soft, earthy, and beautiful look in your bathrooms.

Metallic Tiles

Metallic Tiles are usually not that common in bathrooms because metal is susceptible to corrosion. If you choose to use this trend, it will be important to pick materials that are intended for moist areas. You might use porcelain tiles with metallic glazes; these can be used in damp areas, but they cannot be cleaned with acids.

You might also use stainless steel tiles in accent areas such as around sinks. These tiles can help you achieve a contemporary and chic look for your bathrooms.

Among the most common home remodeling projects are bathroom renovations. Perhaps one or more of these bathroom floor tile trends will suit your space if you’re planning a renovation in the near future. Keeping up with trends in your home can make it look fresh, and they’re more likely to prevent it from feeling dated in the future. Make the most of your bathroom space in 2022 by updating your bathroom tile with one of these popular styles.

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