Buy Backsplash Tiles Alliston

Our glass tiles offer a distinct appearance that is otherwise unattainable with traditional tiles. The deepness of color and enthusiasm merged with the reflective quality of glass results in a unique and intense effect whether it is for your commercial space or home. Our glass mosaic tiles are suitable for both external and internal applications because they are resistant to things like water, and sunlight. They are easy to maintain, clean and they do not discolor either. This makes them perfect for a tile backsplash or other high-traffic areas. They will continue to maintain their glossy appearance for a long time to come.

Creativity at its best

Deciding on your kitchen backsplash is a huge task considering we have an array of appealing tiles to choose from. Nevertheless, we want to make your experience shopping for your backsplash tiles an exciting one. Your kitchen backsplash is the one place where you can be as whimsical as you want to. Even if what you want are low-maintenance tiles to tie the rest of the room together, you still have so much choice at our tile store in Alliston. You get the chance to be creative and experiment with various materials and textures. You can choose one neutral color and use different sizes and shapes to achieve a timeless piece of art. Your backsplash tiles should bring you continuous gratification whether you want a tranquil beauty, or a bold statement.

Our tile options for unlimited applications

It is actually possible to use our glass tiles for various applications including bathroom backsplashes and walls, showers, kitchen backsplashes and walls, and borders to soften traditional ceramic tile walls. With the use of effective spot lighting, our color mosaic tiles can turn the most monotonous of areas into dazzling and stunning works of art. You can create a stunning mosaic bathroom wall and this is a great way to give your bathroom a fresh new look. We stock a wide range of diverse color sizes and styles. If you are interested in a tile option that is not in our inventory list, we can gladly order it for you.

Helping you achieve perfection through the years

For your kitchen, the backsplash is the centerpiece that brings a touch of class and with the overabundance of stylish options available, selecting the perfect tile can be both overwhelming and exciting. The first thing you need to do is to decide whether the backsplash will be what ties your kitchen together or a bold contrast that springs out from otherwise unchanging décor. Even if you decide to go understated you can still keep things interesting with different textures and various color sizes. Either way, do not shy away from style because the kitchen is the place to express yourself artistically, and should perfectly reflect the theme of your home. Irrespective of the kind of tiles you want for your backsplash, you can find them at our store. We can help you select the ones that will suit your space.