Buy Backsplash Tiles Barrie

For the design of your backsplash, there is an abundance of materials now more than ever. The days of using just plain tile to frame the area are long gone. Backsplashes today can be both stylish and intricate without being over the top. If you are looking to renovate the space behind your sink, here are a few pointers that will get you started

Establish your individual style

Although it is easy to lose yourself in the numerous available tiling options, the first step you need to take before you choose your design and materials is to determine your individual style. This can be contemporary, transitional, traditional, or even a combination of a few looks. Your personal style serves as a guide when selecting the materials to create your backsplash design. If you are not sure of what you want, try exploring a variety of styles online to discover what appeals to you. Better still, you can consult with the staff at your local tiling store.

Glass always makes a statement

Whether glass is in the form of a complex waterjet design or a simple tile, it is the perfect material to create a transitional or contemporary feeling. Glass mosaics that mix in mother of pearl, precious gems, stone, or metal, also add movement and texture. The variety of these glass textures and hues help create a sophisticated movement for your backsplash.

Consider the magic formula

The backsplash, countertop, and floor must all work harmoniously for your kitchen to have a balanced and even look. Keep in mind that the backsplash is not a separate entity to the overall space. All elements need to work together to create a general effect.


Custom tile fabricated by a skilled worker is the ideal look for any conventional space. Consider using hand cast tile for the cover area, which will create a wall painting effect as a central point. Thanks to some noteworthy new technology, there are many different styles of waterjet patterns available for your backsplash design. Waterjet patterns are as a result of machines that use a very high-pressure jet of water to cut into glass or stone materials, modeling them into beautiful, detailed designs. Waterjet designs can be quite expensive but you can manage the costs if you use them minimally. Even the tiniest intimation of these materials, whether in rhomboids, penny rounds, or herringbones all add tremendous visual appeal.

Mix things up

Combine different materials such as stone mosaics with glass tile to add interest. Try mixing it up and use ‘metal stix’ mosaics, which is a tile with intertwining undeviating pieces tile or try experimenting with shades of cement tiles to add length. Another effective way of mixing things up is to install a backsplash with different sizes of the same material. You will marvel at what a little bit of variety will do for your design. Whatever your style or preference is, you will definitely find a tile option for your backsplash that inspires you.