Buy Backsplash Tiles Bolton

The backsplash of your kitchen is a persona piece. Whether your style is funky or refined, loud, or neutral, the tiles you pick to spruce up the wall space between your cabinets and countertop should display the theme and color scheme of your kitchen. Ultimately, the backsplash is a central point and provides you with an opportunity to showcase your creativity and sense of style. With that said, this crucial decorative feature is usually the last detail planned in a kitchen design. That is probably because there are various choices and to make the process easier, consider the following points before you make your purchase.

Capitalize in the high-impact zone

You can play with tile design since there is more wall space above the sink and range and that is an area that gets visual attention. Consider a neutral field tile for the rest of your kitchen, and then bring in a funky glass tile to create a spectacular centerpiece above the stove. This is where you can play with patterns. Some options include installing tile on the diagonal or applying an astounding brick pattern with slim subway tiles. Use different tiles in this space or take the same tile and turn it differently. If you are looking for a bold statement for your backsplash, back-painted glass in orange is fresh but sophisticated and works well in a modern kitchen.

Mix materials, match colors

If you are having trouble choosing the right kind of tiles for your backsplash, take samples and see how they look throughout the day. Select one key color and a few accent colors to use throughout your kitchen.  Often, countertops determine the backsplash color but you should also consider other things such as your hardware and lighting. Try combining metallic tiles in diverse shades with various finishes. By including small tiles of granite or marble, you can pull in the countertop color without being uninteresting with a panel of granite that spreads up from the countertop. As for glass tiles, consider some of the fresher tiles with frosted finish or a bit of crackle.

Consider your budget

If you are on a budget, it would be a wise idea to avoid costly tiles such as natural stone and consider less expensive options such as ceramic. Do not hold back on on the grout either because how your tiles adhere to your wall is of great importance. Flexibility is paramount if you are working within a budget. You may not get the precise color, texture, or tile size you want but find out where you are willing to compromise based on your priorities. If you need to cover a large area, it is possible to add interest without denting your pocket. For instance, stainless steel sheets come in different finishes. They are durable but quite difficult to maintain. You should also avoid common mistakes like forgetting to ask for trim pieces, or asking if the tile you want is in stock since that is not always a guarantee.