Buy Backsplash Tiles Guelph

Your kitchen is one of the areas you can use to express your style and personality artistically. The backsplash of your kitchen provides you with that opportunity and if you intend to decorate your kitchen, a tile backsplash can offer you numerous benefits.

Exceptional designs

Your kitchen backsplash tiles can be of different materials such as glass, marble, metal, or ceramic. With each of these tile options, comes a unique texture, color, and luster that can quickly make a tile backsplash the central point of your kitchen. A kitchen dominated by neutral tones can benefit from the transformation that brightly colored backsplash tiles bring. Similarly, neutral toned tiles such as browns and greys can add a sense of warmth. In some cases, it is possible to present multiple tile materials in the same backsplash so as to create an artistic mosaic design. If you have a creative streak, you can even have your backsplash tiles placed to create a familiar image.

Easy cleanup

Cleaning your walls after splattering them with the ingredients of your next meal or the contents of your food processor can be cumbersome. Even after painting, many walls still remain porous. Therefore, even after a thorough scrubbing you can still remain with permanent stains. Backsplash tiles are usually non-porous, easy to clean, and stain resistant. You can simply wipe down glazed ceramic, marble, metal, or glass with a damp piece of cloth when stained. If the cleaning requires the use of a cleaning agent, a non-abrasive solution should do.

Wall protection

One of the greatest functions of a backsplash tile is to protect your wall from moisture and staining. A kitchen is susceptible to splatter and debris from preparing meals and washing dishes. Naturally, your walls will absorb moisture and the water will not only affect the paint, it can also damage the wall material. Plaster can soften and crumble, and the sheetrock can warp when exposed to excessive amounts of water. Moreover, the moisture can set the perfect environment for mildew and moth to grow.

Even with the many tiling options available, be careful not to use options that will be unsuitable for your backsplash. One such option is ceramic tiles. It is a proven fact that ceramic tiles absorb water and moisture quite well and since your kitchen backsplash is a high moisture area, ceramic tiles will be susceptible to cracking. Go for tiling options that are easy to clean and maintain and also those that are not porous in nature. If you are not sure what tiling options will work best for your backsplash area, feel free to consult an expert or even the attendants at your local tile store. They possess the knowledge and experience since they have probably been in the industry for a while and they are in a better position to point you in the right direction. Whether the tile colors you choose for your backsplash match those of your kitchen or not, your options are practically endless.