Buy Backsplash Tiles Hamilton

The backsplash is one area in your kitchen where you can have some design fun. While the countertop is a question of functionality, cabinets tend to be a practical choice; a backsplash completes a kitchen’s look. Your kitchen is like a black dress. It should be something you notice when walk into a room, but it should be able to suit every event and your character as well. There are some things that you may have to think about before embarking on your backsplash.

Functional considerations

With various tile and backsplash options, you need to think about which material will suit your needs. Do you want something that is easy to clean or is the visual appeal of the tile more important? Porcelain and ceramic tiles are stain resistant so you do not have to worry about food spilling over. Glass tiles are also a safe choice because they are easy to clean. On the other hand, natural stone backsplashes are gorgeous but perilous. They are porous, susceptible to chipping, and are difficult to clean. Refined natural stones such as marble, slate, and limestone can spot with grease. Natural stone backsplashes also require resealing at least once a year. If you love to cook, stay away from tiles with a lot of texture such as rough or slanted tiles. Grease has a way of finding nooks and crannies, and it can take a lot of time to clean. You are not going to want a tile choice that requires a scrub brush.

What is in style?

Subway tiles, imitations of the classic rectangular white ceramic tiles are still popular. However, rather than a backsplash with standard two-by-six-inch white tile you could opt for subway tile arranged in a definitive fashion or an installation using small ceramic subway tiles or large natural stone ones. If your style is more contemporary, you could position the tiles vertically instead of horizontally or run smaller vertical subway tiles above the oven and cover the rest of the kitchen walls in horizontal classic-tile. Studies indicate that people are inclining to glass backsplashes, and particularly painted glass. It tends to work well in modern kitchens, where a clean and never-ending look is ideal.

What is the best tile for my kitchen backsplash?

If your kitchen is tiny, you should consider a magnetic backsplash such as metal tiles. You want to use every bit of your space and you can install magnetic canisters to hold your cutlery. Mirrored backsplashes that are gaining popularity and provide your kitchen with a bit of allure, reflect light around a dark kitchen and make the space feel bigger. It is also very easy to clean mirrored backsplashes, as you will only require pure vinegar. Any glass tile feels brighter and lighter and also helps reflect light around a dark room. If your kitchen is big, consider a more basic tile. Vibrant mosaic tile could feel busy in a huge kitchen. Modest tile arrangements also work best in a kitchen with many windows, where intricate tiles can seem disorganized.