Buy Backsplash Tiles Kitchener

Backsplashes are a very delicate matter. You see your backsplash from the minute you wake up to the time you settle down to prepare your meal for the night. Naturally, your backsplash has to look good.  Be careful for it not to be too-in-your- face because it will quickly tire you out. On the other hand, if it is too plain, you will wonder why you did not take the chance to install something with more elegance. So how do you rate the best material for your backsplash? Here are some of the materials that you need to consider.

Metal backsplash tile

Metal backsplash tile once meant only one thing: huge tin ceiling tiles re-purposed for the wall. You will still find this, though it is not as popular as it was in the past. Of late, there has been a blast of smaller metal tiles of all sorts of finishes and textures. Therefore, where you once had white ceramic tiles, now you can have soft stainless steel subway tiles. They stick easily to the wall.

Glass tile backsplash

Glass kitchen backsplashes have a calm, urban look. Glass reflective surface returns light and brightens the kitchen. Colors in the glass tile tend to be particularly solid, and they never fade. After installation, you never had to seal the tile glass because it is naturally non-porous. All you have to do is to wipe them down with a piece of cloth.

Stone veneer backsplash

Aesthetically, stone backsplashes add great value to your kitchen. They tend to be associated with higher end homes. Such homes tend to have remarkable resale values. There is no need to deal with real stone since it is too dense and hard to cut. Instead, most homeowners will use a manufactured stone finish.

Porcelain or ceramic backsplash

Porcelain or ceramic tile is a shape changer because it can be whatever you want it to be. It can look tile-like by matching and mixing bold colors. Alternatively, you can go the opposite direction and look natural impersonating the look of stone. Since it is such a popular backsplash option, it comes with ample fixtures and treatments. All porcelain tiles stand up well against water. As for cost, you can scale it up or down to according to your budget.

Travertine tile backsplash

If you are looking to achieve a conventional look in your kitchen backsplash, you need not look further than travertine. It is a natural stone that is easier and lighter to install than industrial veneer. Even though travertine is a limestone meaning that surface has heavy pits, these pits are typically refined and filled in to smoothness. It is also important to keep in mind that travertine is not a cheap choice so prepare to spend quite a bit more for your backsplash materials. The material also requires costly maintenance as you will have to seal it on a regular basis. Whatever material you choose for your backsplash, ensure that it does not absorb water since the area has high moisture levels.