Buy Backsplash Tiles London

The mention of a backsplash may call to mind only kitchen embellishments. Nonetheless, the backsplash is an under-utilized and very valuable addition to any bathroom as well. Although some bathroom countertops come with an attached backsplash, most will not. This gives you a chance to be more creative, and add an ornamental element with the addition of a backsplash. Selecting the right backsplash tiles comes down largely to your bathroom style and budget. The key qualities of a backsplash are that it is easy to clean and water-resistant since its function is to contain sink splashes and protect your walls. Here are some options that will be perfect for your bathroom backsplash.


Tinted or frosted glass tiles can synchronize with your shower windows or stall for a simple backsplash. Obviously, glass will show splashes and will require a bit more cleaning but it offers a modernized and fresh backsplash option. It is also possible to shape glass into something like flat-backed spheres that bring an element of bubble to the bathroom and are textural as well.


Marble is a typical bathroom element. If you already have a marble countertop, a simple marble backsplash is a likely extension. However, you may want to switch things up by using marble subway tiles for a delicate tiled effect in marble texture. While conventional white and grey is standard, keep in mind that there are other lovely colors of marble including black, grey, tan, and even pink-tinted. A white and black patter is a contemporary style with an old-fashioned flair.


If you want a rustic style for your bathroom backsplash, stone is a distinctive addition. Thin slabs much like the layers in a stone fireplace can add a cottage feel. You may also want to choose one cross-section piece that gives the coarse texture without a layered look. Stone tiles come in an assortment of neutral tones from tan to cream and black to dark blue.


River rock tiles make a fascinating combination with many bathroom walls and countertops. They bring the natural element of the outdoors inside and are especially perfect for modest, contemporary, tranquil-inspired bathrooms.


Metal generally brings a great insightful quality to your bathroom. A metallic backsplash is unique because it will age stylishly and withstand the moisture in your bathroom. There are numerous metal like tiles that can effortlessly achieve the look of real metal. Smooth stainless steel tiles bring an ultramodern element to your bathroom, while punched tin completes a country bathroom. Shiny copper rounded metallic tiles bring a high-end look.

All the aforementioned tiling options are model textures for backsplashes but they are by no means a comprehensive list. Wood-like tiles can also do well, as can any other tile with a mirrored finish. Generally, if a tile has low-porosity, is easy to clean, and adds that extra touch to your bathroom, it is probably a good candidate for an exceptional bathroom backsplash. Consult with your tile seller if you are uncertain about your choice.