Buy Flooring Tiles Burlington

You have probably seen for yourself the transformation that tiles can bring to any space. As such, you want to cover your floors with tiles. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that there is a lot more to purchasing flooring tiles than you imagine. The challenge now lies in selecting the color, finish, and style to suit your requirements and décor. It is definitely not an easy task, but the following tips will be of great help.

Consider color

You need to ask yourself what color appeals to you most when it comes to your flooring tiles. You will have to consider the color scheme of your home so as to make a functional choice. Consider the colors of things like your furniture and walls. Consult the color wheel to ensure that your scheme looks harmonious rather than unsightly. The color of the grout that you will use is also very important. There are so many options when it comes to grout color. You need to decide if you will choose a grout color that matches your tiles or contrasts. Be careful about the choice you make because it can have a great impact on the general look of your space.


This is a very crucial consideration because tile size can affect the general look of your space depending on its dimensions. For instance, go for large format patterned floor tiles for a small space and the pattern will surely get lost. Large plain tiles for a small space will give the illusion of extra space. For bigger spaces, you can get away with just about any size.

Plain or patterned?

If you have patterned walls, plain tiles for your floor will go beautifully and bring out a dramatic effect. However, you need to ask yourself if the plain tiles will appeal to you for a long time to come or you will get bored of them. Generally, patterned tiles are expensive and you will want to make the right choice so that you are not looking to change them in the near future. You also need to consider incorporating a contrasting or coordinating accent border. It is an effortless way to add style and interest, and brings a touch of sophistication to your floor. If you have patterned wallpaper, take extra care when choosing tiles for your floor to avoid a clashing catastrophe.


Another vital consideration is the suitability of your tiles to the area you intend to install them. If it is a high traffic area, you will require a tiling option that wears well. You also need to ask yourself if your tile of choice requires regular maintenance. For instance, some types of natural stone wear well, look beautiful, but require a lot of care. One of the looks trending widely at the moment is the high gloss finish. Such tiles look stylish and beautiful but they are not such a great option for an area such as your kitchen because they become slippery when damp.