Buy Flooring Tiles London

Tiling can be a great option for your floor but you need to ensure that the tiling option you choose is the best for your floor. Porcelain is an ideal option because it is denser than most other kinds of tiles and has much lower moisture content. It is also durable because it goes through higher temperatures during production. The extreme heat reduces the openings and voids in the porcelain thus making it less porous. The low absorption rate of porcelain tiles also makes them stain resistant and ultra-hygienic too. Porcelain tiles have a longer lifespan than the average tile and you do not have to worry about replacing them any time in the near future.

Porcelain tile installation

Timber, slate, and natural stone all require some sort of effort to install. For porcelain tiles, you can use a dry tile cutter to cut not forgetting that the mess and waste is minimal. Nevertheless, you will need a wet wheel diamond cutter to take on more complex cuts such as around sockets and pipework. Porcelain tiles come in many finishes, thicknesses, and sizes so the installation procedure will vary depending on your selection. The best thing about porcelain tiles is that they do not require sealing after installation. When it comes to the layout, you have numerous options. With so many variants of porcelain tiles available, the choice is yours. Another supplementary advantage of porcelain tiles is that they create a unified, continuous aesthetic between dining areas, hallways, lounges and even outside areas.

Porcelain tile types and colors

There are over a hundred and seventy types of porcelain tiles that you can choose from. . They also come in a wide range of finishes and colors including natural stone that replicates limestone, grey and marble effect floor tiles, and rustic brick effect tiles.

How to select quality porcelain tiles

The fact that porcelain tiles are generally inexpensive does not necessarily mean that they are second-rate. Prices may differ significantly from the high street where some retailers sell their tiles at almost double the price of those sold by online retailers. The best way to know which tile is worth its price is by sampling so as to compare quality. Your samples should not have imperfections, scratches, dimples, or any markings. If you want solid color tiles, the colors should be crisp, clean, and free from fading. Some porcelain tiles have rectified edges which simply means that their edges are straight and machine cut. This allows you to position them closer together during installation so as to achieve thinner grout lines. You can confirm the quality of rectified tiles by running your finger along the edges to ensure that they are straight cut and free of protrusions and bumps. You will also want to consider the functional side of things. If you are working on a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you want to be sure that your tiles are safe while moving them into and around your project area.