Buy Flooring Tiles Markham

Tiles are capable of bringing visual appeal and class into your home. There are hundreds of tile options that you can choose for your floors. Every room in your house can benefit from the right kind of tile for its function. Nevertheless, making that selection can be daunting. Here are a few pointers to the best kinds of tiles for the basic rooms in your home.

Living room

Your living room is a hub of activities and is therefore a high traffic area. It is the focal point of your home that requires complete attention so as to express your character. As such, it requires a balanced combination of important functionalities and aesthetic appeal like long service life and low maintenance. This is the reason why large format tiles will be an ideal fit for your living room. They provide visual appeal along with low maintenance. Large format tiles are aesthetically pleasing with no conspicuous grout lines and this gives your living room an attractive appearance. The stunning slabs are perfect for hosting family events along with a comfortable homely feel.


This is a place where you rest and relax after a long day. As such, your bedroom needs a warm feel and an inviting look which you can achieve by using tiles in colors that are soft and calming to look at. Natural stone and wood-look finish tiles are a great option for your bedroom because they bring a feeling of tranquility and gentleness to your space. You can go for a non-reflective, soothing, supple and soft flooring surface that will help you unwind after an eventful day out there.


Your bathroom is almost always damp and wet and is a potential breeding ground for germs. As such, hygienic tiles with anti-slip features are perfect if you want a safe bathroom. Although bright tiles enhance your bathroom and make it appear larger, you can choose from several different patterned design ideas to balance the décor of your bathroom and individualize your style. Visit your nearest trusted tile store to get the desired look for your bathroom or accentuate your bathroom floor with modern stylish flooring options. You are likely to find some of the best hygienic collections which will fit you just right with your décor needs.


This is where all you culinary experiments take place which means that there will be a lot of boiling oils at high temperatures and splashing sauces. Not to mention the risk of heavy utensils and pans dropping down from the countertop to the floor. Combine all that with dragging of furniture and you will realize why your kitchen needs a resilient and durable flooring solution. You need to ensure that your kitchen is always clean because hygiene plays an important role when it comes to food preparation. Porcelain is a perfect material to use for your kitchen floor since it is easy to clean, stain resistant and very durable. With the right kind of treatment, porcelain tiles can be slip-resistant as well.