Buy Kitchen Tiles Caledon

Selecting new tiles for your kitchen wall, floor, or backsplash can be a source of frustration and uncertainty. There is a confusing array of options that includes sizes, treatments, and materials to choose from. How will you know which tile options will perform the best and be the easiest to sustain and clean? What are the newest product offerings in the market? Moreover, what should you keep in mind when it comes to installation? To help narrow down your choices during the selection and purchasing process, here is what you should consider.


The newest thing in modern settings is big, gigantic rectangular tiles. They are popular not only because they create fewer filling joints but because the scale adds intricacy and drama. Get creative when deciding on the arrangement as well. Consider the orientation of the tile. To make your kitchen feel more up-to-date, you can change the look of your tiles by the direction in which you arrange them.


Glass and ceramic tiles are great options for your kitchen backsplash since they are easy to maintain and come in an assortment of price points, styles, shapes, and colors. Porcelain is a perfect option for your kitchen floor since it is low maintenance, and the tiles tend to be large format, which means less grout. In the end, natural stone is quite popular as well but is not necessarily the best in terms of untroubled performance. Most varieties of stone including marble and limestone are sensitive to acid and can become engraved with stains or marks.


All tile experts can agree that thinner lines are better when it comes to grout. It is better to have a tight grout joint which will give your installation a cleaner look. Nevertheless, if a tile is handmade and has disparity, you will need to allow for a larger grout joint so as to install them accurately. For complete superiority, consider matching the color of your grout to the color of your tiles. This will give your kitchen a softer and seamless appearance.

Be very cautious when making your final tile decision. Let the attendants at your tile store take a sample of your choice, mount it on backer board, and grout it. This is because the grout can quickly change the tone of your tiles. Testing out a sample section can do a lot in helping you avoid costly and disappointing mistakes. A bad installation job can ruin even the most beautiful tile in the world. As such, finding a good installer is one of the most important steps in this process. A poor installation job will not only look unsightly but can also lead to more problems such as cracked tiles, tiles popping up, or moisture seeping behind the tiles and leading to many other issues. If you are having trouble finding a trusted and dependable installer, you can seek recommendation from your tile store and then ask for references and pictures of previous work.