Buy Kitchen Tiles Kitchener

The kitchen is the communal hub of your home and is one of the rooms that your guests will frequent the most. As such, it is important to keep it fresh. Tiles are one of the ways you can achieve this but when it comes to making the right decision in respect to the same, it can be quite a challenge. Here are the top kitchen tiles that will update the look of your kitchen.

Wood effect tiles

It is not all about your kitchen walls. Your floors also need the class that tiles bring with them. A huge flooring trend for the approaching years is reclaimed wood. That is wood retrieved from one place and re-purposed somewhere else either to create new flooring or furniture. It results in a blend of different colors and textures, which is highly distinctive. Reclaimed wood is quite costly but if your budget allows you, it can introduce color into your kitchen space.

Hexagon mosaic tiles

Hexagonal designs have been an interior design trend for a while now, and these mosaics are perfect for creating a honeycomb spectacle in your cooking space. For outstanding results, use with contrasting grout color.

Marble effect tiles

You are probably aware of the trend of bringing the outdoors into your space and creating a natural look. When it comes to achieving this, the most popular stone type is marble probably because of its distinctive veining adorned over an invigorating white backdrop. Natural marble is expensive and requires continuous treatment and maintenance.

Crackle metro tiles

No list of stylish kitchen tiles would be complete without a white brick shapes design. Metro tiles have been instrumental for kitchen upgrades and they always manage to come out looking timeless and fresh. Be unique with your layout, try a herringbone pattern and go for a contrasting gout line to get an exceptional look.

River or rock pebbles

If you are going for that natural look, you cannot go past these tiles. They are great for walls and feel great to walk on as well. They usually come in sheets and it is advisable that you get a professional installer to lay them. The last thing you want is to see the framework of the individual sheets. These have more grout than regular tiles and with the rounded rocks, there will be a little more resistance to water flowing across the floor to get to the drain. If you decide to use them for your floor, consider increasing the area of the floor a little to aid in draining water. These are ideal for bringing a bit of nature into your kitchen. They fit well for homes in tropical areas. Its unpremeditated and easy-going look makes it a popular material for holiday home kitchens. You can never go wrong with these tiles for your kitchen because they are durable and easy to care for. As such, they can withstand heavy traffic. There are so many other tile options for your kitchen but these are the top options.