Buy Kitchen Tiles London

For your kitchen, the best decision you could ever make is installing it with ceramic tiles. All the raw materials used in producing ceramic tiles come from the earth and this includes the color of the veneer. Although there have been effective methods of enhancing most products by replacing natural materials with artificial ones such as carpet and vinyl, there are no methods to improve the quality the raw materials found in ceramic tiles. This is because they have not changed much over the past many years. Below are some of the qualities of ceramic tiles that make them a perfect option for your kitchen.

Resistance to stains

Generally, ceramic material is the most stain resistant building product globally. Glazed tile and even some unglazed tiles resist virtually all solutions that could cause staining in other types of products.

Resistance to abrasion

You need to consider how a tile’s surface of glaze will hold up under incessant wear. Of course, this is a very crucial consideration when choosing any coated floor tile. Your kitchen is subject to heavy traffic and as such, it demands good abrasive resistance. If you choose the right product and maintain it properly, it could easily last the lifetime of your home.

Frost resistance and water absorption

The coating on ceramic tile is non-porous. This basically means that it absorbs water poorly. It is important to know the water absorption level of the tile you choose for your kitchen since it is a high-moisture area. If a tie absorbs more than three percent of water, it is not suitable for your kitchen. On the other hand, frost resistance goes hand in hand with water absorption. The less water a tile absorbs, the greater its frost resistance. Look for labels on your tiles when buying to identify the ones that are frost resistant.

Fire resistance

From time to time, you will have to use fire in your kitchen. Ceramic tiles will not fuel a fire or burn. Their surface will not change, nor will it emit any lethal gases or fumes during a fire. This makes them ideal for your kitchen.

Dirt resistance

Ceramic tiles do not retain residues or dust. A damp piece of cloth and plain water is basically all you need to keep your ceramic tiles clean. Ceramic tiles will also not absorb smoke, odors, or water and since you should maintain high levels of hygiene in your kitchen, these tiles are perfect.

Color longevity and slip resistance

While extended exposure to light alters most colored materials, ceramic tile colors remain unaffected and will not fade or change from exposure. The slip resistance of ceramic tile in ordinary applications is similar to that of most hard surface flooring materials and it is considerably better than some. Unglazed tiles have greater slip resistance compared to glazed tiles. As such, they are ideal for your kitchen since it is prone to high water spillage. Most unglazed or glazed tiles also comprise of an abrasive grit on their surfaces that increases their resistance to slipping substantially.