Buy Mosaic Tiles Aurora

At Decorpapa, we pride ourselves in our devotion to innovation and quality in order to provide unfailing satisfaction to our wide customer set. As a result, we focus mainly on the manufacturing process so as to maintain high quality standards while providing our customers with affordable tiles. Our years of expertise in the industry combined with modern technology have enabled us to produce tiles at par with stipulated standards at a reasonable price. As a business, we have a twofold focus. It begins with the manufacturing process and ends with our commitment to customer service. Our solid service culture has led to customer loyalty which has enabled a broad understanding of customer needs and allowed us to build relationships based on our end project.

Aurora’s trusted tile seller

Understanding the challenges faced within the market and the project of our clients is important both in a residential and commercial setting. Our mosaic tiles are not only visually pleasing, but they also cater for the setting in which they are going to exist. Therefore, our tiles can withstand every day wear and tear as well as resistance. You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality of mosaic tiles when you visit our store in Aurora.

Our mosaic production process

All our mosaics are products of natural marbles and as such, the colors will not change over time. This means you can use our mosaic tiles for both external and internal applications. The same method used two thousand years back in ancient Rome is what we use in the production of our mosaic tiles. First, we begin by printing an actual size image of the piece we want to fabricate. We then calculate the mosaic’s area to know how many marble tiles it requires. After that, we select a color combination for that specific piece and then place a nylon sheet over the entire area of the printout. We then place a mesh over the nylon sheet and printout. We mark the whole border of the design then apply the marble pieces on the picture. The final step involves applying special glue over the mesh and then slowly situating the marble pieces on the drawing.

We are different from the rest

We stand out from our competitors. Meticulously aligned with our primary values, the below mentioned aspects reflect what sets our products apart from others in the market.

  • Our customers are our first priority and we always strive to provide them with the highest quality of mosaic tiles.
  • We have a wide variety of products that we maintain through the years. This gives you a chance to come back for the same tile whenever you need it.
  • We sustain projects in that, we see your prospects and work in collaboration with you to bring you what you need.
  • We devote ourselves to producing the best products and we have the widest range of locally manufactured tiles in the region, striving on reliability, continuity, value, and quality.