Buy Washroom Tiles Barrie

Your washroom is where you wind down after a long day’s work. As such, it is natural that you would want the place to be as peaceful and comforting as possible. Installing tiles is one of the best ways to achieve that because they have a way of expressing your style and individual taste. There are many materials and textures to choose from including, porcelain, marble, or even glass. Nevertheless, choosing the right tiles for your washroom can be quite a hassle so here are some tips that will help you through the selection and buying process.

Select the tile that you really want first

When you are considering renovating your washroom, you probably have that one tile option that you dream of having. It could be a unique or really special accent tile or a simple white subway tile. Whatever it is, ensure that you get that dream bathroom tile and use it as a starting point for the other tiles that you will use for your washroom design.

Stick to a single showstopper

There are endless options for bathroom tiles out there and they are appealing as well. Your washroom is the perfect place to show off a bit of your personality and take a risk with a pattern or fun color for your tiles. If you go for it, ensure that you stick to a single showstopper. This will make your washroom look timeless and create the wow factor that you want since it will not be contending with the other features in your washroom. Whether you want your showstopper area to be big or small, it is entirely up to you.

Keep it simple

With your must have tile choice already in place, you can now choose what other tiles you want to use for the rest of your washroom design. If your must have tile is a really unique pattern or color that is going to be the central point of your design, you can pull more subtle colors from it  and use them in your accent tiles. However, if your first choice is really plain, you may want to add a touch of interest with colorful accent tiles to spruce up your washroom. Ordinarily, you have to choose a wall tile for the tub, shower, or even all your bathroom walls, floor tiles, and an accent tile that will be your focal point. Do not shy away from breaking the rules either; you can actually come up with a work of art.

Consider maintenance

You cannot just walk into a store and just purchase tiles. There are several things you need to factor in such as what it takes to maintain the bathroom tiles of your choice. Most people do not like to spend a lot of time cleaning. Since your washroom is susceptible to moisture and wetness, you might want to go for ceramic or porcelain tiles since they are practically maintenance free. Glass tiles are pretty and would be perfect for accentuating but they do not do well for flooring.