Buy Washroom Tiles Burlington

A washroom renovation project may seem easy but that is seldom the case. Choosing the right tiles for your washroom can be quite a challenge especially when there is a budget involved. You may spend a considerable amount of your time dreaming about tiles, sampling, measuring, touching, ordering, comparing or browsing but settling on one or two tile options can be quite difficult when you have an assortment of options to choose from. Here are a few tips on choosing the right tiles for your washroom.

Do your research

As far as materials, the following are the most common.

  • Ceramic-This is one of the least expensive options and is perfect for damp environments such as your bathroom. It is easy to maintain and install as well.
  • Porcelain- Porcelain tiles are quite costly but they generally provide a worry-free experience making them one of the most popular tiling options today. As a result of its tough and dense surface, porcelain absorbs very little water and is therefore an ideal material to use in your bathroom.
  • Stone- Stone tiles are perfect if you are going for a natural feel. However, you should keep in mind that stone is a porous material and you may have to seal your stone tiles.
  • Glass- These are a bit more expensive than ceramic tiles. Glass tiles are a popular option for backsplash as they add dimension and style to any space. Glass tends to be more slippery due to its slick surface so it is not suitable for flooring.

Sample before buying

Most tile stores will provide you with a few tile samples so that you can make an informed purchase. By sampling before buying, you get a clear idea of how a tile fits your style. You can also soak-test the tile for quality control and double-check the sizing. There is nothing worse than purchasing a hundred square feet of dark tiles only to realize that they make your powder room appear so tiny, or worse, buying a complete batch of glossy tiles only to discover that glossy equals slippery.

Shortlist your favorite choices

Once you go through reviews and test different samples, it is now time to hone in on what you want. Where you choose to install tiles in your washroom is totally up to you. However, most people tile their floors, the area around the tub and the wall behind the bathroom vanity. The key is to use no more than three tile options.

Make the most out of your space with a neutral color

Just like in any other room of your house, using neutral and light shades in your washroom maximizes the space. It is an easy and simple way of radiating a classier feel. Keep your washroom from looking monotonous by adding dimension in different textures of the same shade. Another great way to achieve the same effect is to tile your walls all the way up to the ceiling although it is not a very budget friendly option.