Buy Washroom Tiles Caledon

When it comes to picking tiles for your washroom, it may be difficult knowing where to begin. You first have to consider your individual style and that of your home. Browse through magazines or online to find what you like or what will inspire you. Try as much as you can, not to go against the style of your home but work with it instead. The following guideline will make things easier for you.

Consider the tile size

Large sized tiles are appropriate for areas such as your living room. Since your washroom is probably smaller, going for smaller sized tiles is ideal. However, if your washroom is on the larger side, you can opt for larger tiles. Bigger tiles make a room appear larger. Using floor tiles on your walls will make the space seem more unified, but you cannot use wall tiles on your washroom floor. A floor tile will have harder glaze and will be made of harder materials that can withstand high traffic. If your washroom is smaller, neutral colored tiles will make your space feel and appear bigger. You are in luck if your washroom is bigger because you can use both dark colored and light tiles.

Grout, pattern, and texture

Never overlook the importance of choosing the right grout color. Contrasting grout will emphasize lines and the design while grout in a complementary color as the tile will give a subtle effect. Ensure that you seal all your grouted areas so as to prevent staining. Whether you want a polished or matte finish for your washroom tiles is totally up to you. Glazed tiles are easy to clean while unglazed tiles will require regular sealing to prevent staining.


Think about the general feel you want to achieve for your washroom. Most people prefer a relaxing and serene mood for their bathrooms. Unless you have a feature area such as a backsplash in your washroom, tiles are not usually the center of a room. However, they can balance other design features of a room. You may want a soothing, relaxing setting in your bathroom and if that is the case, go for colors that blend well together. The contrary is true for other rooms such as your kitchen so you might want a more vibrant option and contrasting colors are ideal.

Natural lighting

If your washroom is darker, glossy tiles will suit it best since they reflect more light, as do lighter colors. Arrange your tiles diagonally rather than horizontally so as to achieve the look of a larger room. Do not worry if you have no idea where to start when purchasing tiles for your washroom. Your local tile store attendants will willingly guide you through the process and even give you tile samples to experiment with. You can find out their soaking abilities, maintenance routine and how they look under both natural and artificial lighting. Whatever you choose, ensure that it flows with the rest of your home’s décor.