Buy Washroom Tiles Markham

Just like anything else that has to do with interior design, selecting the right washroom tiles is going to depend on your taste and preference. There are numerous designs, colors, textures and styles on the market, so it is quite easy to find tile that enhances and suits your space. Nevertheless, some people find tiling a small bathroom taxing. Particular tiles can make a small room appear bigger, while others can make a room feel dark and overcrowded. The following are some tips to help you find tiles that will suit your bathroom and improve the sense of space.

What tile size to use

It can be difficult to determine whether what looks good on the shelf will work for your bathroom. The first thing you should do is to request for tile samples so that you can see how they look in your space. Interior designers all over the world generally advice that you should not use large bathroom tiles in a small bathroom, as they will make the room appear even tinier. At times, using smaller ones can give you just as many problems as well. If you seek-after for many smaller tiles for a small washroom, then you end up with a lot of grout lines, which can give your bathroom walls a grid-like appearance that promotes the feeling of stuffiness. However, this does not mean that you have to rule small tiles out. You can switch it up by a different size in different areas of your washroom, such as the showering area. You could use large format tiles in the majority of your washroom.  Another trick is to use light-colored glossy tiles that will enhance your space by reflecting light, giving a sense of grander extents.

Bathroom tiles can make a small washroom look bigger

Using lighter-colored tiles will make a room appear bigger, so carry that advice over to your bathroom as well. Selecting lighter colors such as cream or white will help reflect more light than darker colors would. Nevertheless, do not completely disregard darker colors. A darker tile can effectively add a sense of depth to your washroom. Another trick that can be useful for a small washroom is to lay your tiles diagonally as this will trick the brain into thinking that a space is bigger than it really is. If a diagonal pattern does not appeal to you, consider laying your tiles in brick bond.

The layout

The positioning of fittings and fixtures in your washroom can have an effect on what size of tiles you use. If there is little shower space between the toilet and shower for instance, then smaller tiles will create a better flow than larger ones. Consider how many cuts you will need to make to larger tiles and how that could interrupt any design and add to wastage. White glossy tiles and neutral colors improve the sense of space in small bathrooms because they create an illusion of more room.