Buy Water jet Mosaic Tiles Burlington

With so many different types of water jet mosaic tiles to choose from, you could replicate any design that is already in existence and still make it your original idea using different types of tiles. Designs become endless with various types of materials, manufacturing techniques and sizes when creating tiles. Even though the uniqueness of a tile is its strength, it does not necessarily mean you have to come up with innovative ideas when there are so many types of tiles to make any design beautiful and unique. Here are different types of tiles that can create visually stunning designs, even when you are duplicating a pattern or motif to make them your original designs.

Glass mosaics

These can come in mirrored, opaque, or transparent tile pieces. They help bounce light around in a room and have a glowing effect in some cases. Mirrored glass mosaics have a shimmery effect that instantaneously enlivens a space and makes it feel special. Incoming sunlight or lamp light can create dimness and light effects that make it seem like the tile pieces are dancing in the light.

Stone mosaics

When most people hear of mosaics, they imagine those timeless, beautiful, Greek and Roman floors with tiny bits of inlaid stone that create huge pictures when finalized. To be sure, the hypnotic and graceful allure of tiny stone mosaics is still a brilliant choice and you can still get colorful geometric designs and fantastic mosaic flower pattern done in stone mosaics today. You can get even more sophisticated using water jet technologies amongst many other types of materials and manufacturing techniques that take modern day mosaics to the next level.

Water jet mosaics

Aside from making tiny mosaics and medallions, water jet technologies can also create dimensional rough effects that appear molded. It can create sophisticated scrollwork, suggestive of engraved stone.  It can put together large and small puzzles, like in stone mosaics, but with better precision and a unified look that makes it more specialized for modern day businesses. It is a wonderful technology that is applicable in various types of materials aside from stone so as to create increasingly sophisticated and elaborate designs.

Murals and medallions

Getting ahead of tiny bits of stone, different manufacturing methods like water jet technology allow artisans to cut stone into twirling curves and delicately thin pieces that would have been difficult if not impossible to do in the past. This improvement in manufacturing methods can create medallions and murals that are single cut large pieces without needing tiny pieces and bits to create graceful curves.

When faced with all the wonderful aforementioned options, you may find it hard to make the right choice. You may therefore require the help of a design consultant. You can get a clear idea of the colors and materials you want for your design by looking at other designs. Depending on the final look and feel, you could go for one material or manufacturing technique over another.