Buy Waterjet Mosaic Tiles Aurora

High-quality glass, artificial and natural stone are some of the most expensive materials used to make tiles. This is due to the complexity that comes with the carving process and as such, manufacturers have to use dedicated equipment to guarantee the highest possible quality of the end product which they have to achieve with minimal losses of source material. Since ancient times, architects employed works of stone masonry and glass to build churches, majestic temples, and monumental castles among other things. The art of stone cutting has been refining for years now and it is approaching its peak thanks to the incomparable technological progress. This progress is what has given us one of the most innovative methods of tile production known as waterjet cutting. Stone is a difficult material to handle due to the details of its structure. Not all cutting methods can guarantee that stone tiles will not disintegrate during the cutting process but waterjet cutting has been one of the most reliable and fastest methods of cutting stone as well as expensive metal and glass.

The innovative process

The waterjet cutting process involves application of a thin jet of water fed onto the material under a pressure of two thousand to six thousand bars depending on the density of the material. The water comprises of different coarse particles that increase the efficiency of the erosive phase during the cutting process. Waterjet cutting enables processing of stone and other materials of plasticity, shape, and density. Aside from performing shape cutting, the method also facilitates sheet cutting of the waterjet equipment hence allowing manufacturers to produce waterjet tiles of different sizes ranging from small to large.

Waterjet tile solutions with precision in mind

Due to the innovative cutting technology, our waterjet tiles do not have any imperfections on the edges or surface. This means that you will not face any challenges when it comes to facing your interior or laying your tiles with our waterjet mosaic tiles. We are proud to say that each of our mosaic tiles go through an accurate production process and extreme care in order to make your interior renovation process as hassle-free and unified as possible.

Eco-friendly production procedures

We proudly stock our waterjet mosaic tiles because we know that waterjet cutting is an amazingly clean process that ensures that there is not a single chance that our tiles may cause any harm to you or those around you. In the end, our waterjet mosaic tiles have all three features of sustainability, perfection, and beauty. We are sure that they will play an instrumental role in helping you transform your interior design project into a work of art. Walk into our showroom to learn more about the waterjet cutting process and what its end products can bring into your space. We value and appreciate all our customers and will always go above and beyond to deliver quality and competence to them. If you want to be a part of our loyal client base, we welcome you to sample our products.