Buy Waterjet Mosaic Tiles London

Waterjet mosaic tiles bring elegance and uniqueness to any space. However, selecting the right ones for your application and space can turn out to be a nerve-wrecking task. Most tiles go through tests that enable manufacturers to declare specific technical limitations. These parameters are conspicuous on tile packaging and institute a vital source of information for you as a buyer. The following are the things you should take into account when shopping for waterjet mosaic tiles.

Freeze and thermal shock resistance

The waterjet mosaic tiles you choose should be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures. If subjected to sudden temperature changes, your mosaic tiles should also be able to resist thermal shock as well. Tests are able to confirm the abilities of different tiles. You do not want a tile that will crack or break when exposed to very hot or cold temperatures.

Resistance to abrasion

This is the fundamental consideration that should determine the choice of a waterjet mosaic tile. It specifies the resistance of the tile to mechanical damage resulting from effects of abrasive factors. The greater the solidity of a waterjet mosaic tile, the lower its susceptibility to wear, and scratching. A tile that discolors after cleaning with detergent or scrubbing with a scouring pad is not something you should consider.

Biochemical resistance

This is the ability of a tile to resist the impact of testing solutions such as alkalis, acids, and salts in swimming pools. Waterjet mosaic tiles resistant to chemical factors are not subject to damage to changes under the influence of such substances for instance a change in color or gloss.

Breaking force and bending strength

Simply put, this is a parameter that specifies at which stress a waterjet mosaic tile is subject to breaking. It is an especially important parameter in case you will use the tiles for floors subject to considerable mechanical loads, and abrasive tiles placed in areas where pressures caused by the movements of building walls can happen.

Stain resistance

Your mosaic tiles should be easy to clean and this means that you should be able to get rid of visible colors from the tile surface. The tiles from the surface of which you can eliminate stains in the easiest way using a piece of cloth and hot water match up to grade five. The last thing you want is a tile that holds on to unsightly marks and stains.

Porosity level

Naturally, tiles have tiny holes and gaps that are able to absorb water. This is not a good thing because it increases the chances of your tiles breaking or cracking. However, with proper treatment, it is possible to decrease the porosity of waterjet mosaic tiles.

Safety connected properties

This refers mainly to slip resistance and is principally important if you intend to use your waterjet mosaic tiles for your floor. When tiles come into contact with water or other liquids, the risk of slipping, falling and injuring yourself increases. You should always go for anti-slip tiles unless they are for your walls.