When most people think of tiles, they think of indoor home projects and renovations. However, tiles are also an excellent option for outdoor remodeling for driveways and patios.

Outdoor tile can give your driveway or backyard a classy and stylish look, while at the same time providing a durable and flexible option.

A lot of people don’t even consider the driveway a creative architectural possibility, even though it is the first thing most people see when they come to your house. Driveways have been traditionally thought of as functional slabs of concrete, but there are alternative choices available to give the entrance to your home a more interesting and contemporary look.

What should you consider when buying tiles for your driveway?

There are several factors to consider before purchasing tiles to finish your driveway. Some things to think about when buying driveway tiles are:

  • Daily wear & tear
  • Pattern & design
  • Upkeep

Daily Wear & Tear

Any type of material you are using to cover your driveway should be strong and resilient, to deal with the environmental elements as well as foot and vehicle traffic.

For these reasons, driveway tiles should be:

  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Slip-resistant


One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a material for your outdoor tiles is durability.

For example, many ceramic tile products are simply not sturdy enough to hold up to the kind of pressure a driveway tile needs to endure.

Better material options for outdoor tile are stone, granite, marble, etc.

Water Proof

Water resistance is also an important factor for outdoor tiles for obvious reasons. This is especially true if you live in a climate that experiences extreme temperatures.

For example, it you lay down tile that is porous and absorbs water easily, this can present serious problems when the temperature freezes causing tiles to crack and break.

Slip Resistant

Your driveway will no doubt see a lot of foot traffic, in all kinds of weather. Choosing a tile with a mildly abrasive finish will help prevent slips and falls.

Why Choose Tiles for your Driveway?

There are many advantages to selecting outdoor tile to finish your driveway. Some of the benefits of a tiled driveway are:

  • Increasing home value
  • Flexible and diverse options
  • Minimal fading and color loss
  • Optimize drainage
  • Longevity for all climates
  • Low maintenance
  • Bring uniformity to your property
  • Budget-friendly

Boosting Home Value

Typically, when doing home renovation projects, the goal is to bring more value to your home. Which makes sense, if you are investing money in your property, you hope it will at least hold the property value, if not increase it.

Driveway tiles can make the gateway to your home much more attractive, inviting, and alluring.

Flexible and Diverse Options

There are hundreds of different styles, sizes, and patterns to choose from, depending on your property needs and personal preferences.

You even have the option to create your own unique design, as patterns can be mixed and matched as long as the material is kept consistent.

Minimal Fading and Color Loss

Traditionally paved driveways tend to fade pretty quickly and are susceptible to stains and discoloration.

When using driveway tiles, you can choose the color and design you like, that will hold its original appearance with minimal fading. Additional treatments can be applied to tiles to help prevent fading, stains, and blemishes.

Optimize Drainage

Depending on the layout of your property and the location of your driveway, you may be looking for a more permeable option than a concrete or paving slab.

Many cities in North America are now issuing laws that prohibit large areas of the property being covered with a non-permeable substance. Asphalt and concrete driveways fall into this category.

Many tile options will afford the option of permeability by allowing water to flow around them, reducing the pressure on the property’s water system.


Outdoor tiles will be able to withstand extreme weather conditions for those that live in changing climates. Driveway tiles can adjust to freezing and thaws, to avoid unattractive cracks and fissures in the surface.

Low Maintenance

If installed and treated properly, outdoor tiles are pretty simple to care for. They are easy to keep clean, stain resistant, and lasting.


In addition to the driveway, outdoor tiles can also be used for walkways, porches, and patios to bring consistency and harmony to your outdoor property.

Budget Friendly

Because there are so many options with tiles, you will have the opportunity to select a tile type that fits your budget as well as your restrictions and inclinations.

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