Despite occupying the smallest room in your house, a bathroom has a major role to play in your life. Well, you can certainly imagine a house without a dining room or even a bedroom but a house is not a house without a bathroom. It is an essential component of a residential building. Since it is a place we use every day, their importance is far more than what we give it credit for. The secluded space is a perfect spot for a much needed makeover.

Starting from bright and vibrant designs to sophisticated and imposing designs, modern has gone a long way beyond the space limitation. Modern designs have an incredible ability to turn a dull bathroom into an extraordinary space for relaxation and refreshment.

Before choosing a suitable design for your bathroom, you need to keep the following things in mind-

  • The bathroom space is primarily thought to be the smallest one in a house. It is important to see that all the plumbing and furniture should not restrict the movement in the room.
  • Today’s modern bathroom are designed with multi level lightening which gives it a bigger appearance
  • Even if your bathroom occupies a comparatively bigger space, you should not ignore the method of increasing space visually.
  • Make sure the decorative items you select for your bathroom have some functional properties as well. Keep aside your picture frames and statues for your living room

Take a look at the bathroom trends for 2020

1. Wall designs

Let’s start it with the walls. The market offers a huge option of materials for wall decoration. Some of the popular ones are mentioned below

  • Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are one of the most preferred materials for bathroom walls as it comes with a wide range of shades and sizes. The biggest advantage of ceramic tiles is that they are resistant to water, high temperatures and mechanical damage. If installed in the right way it can even last more than 30 years. The only minus point of this material is the complex procedure of installation.

  • Natural stones

Natural stones are equally popular when it comes to bathroom tile options but they are a bit expensive and that too because of their advantageous features.

  • These features include
  • Strength
  • Long lasting nature
  • Water, chemical and mechanical damage resistance
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Natural wood

It is a complete misconception that woods cannot be suitable for a bathroom. Modern processing methods have successfully proved it that this material can be used in bathroom walls even in the areas with high humidity. As a part of installation method, protective varnishes are used for this purpose.

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2. Bathroom flooring

When it comes to bathroom flooring the first thing that comes to mind is porcelain due to its endless number of benefits.

These benefits include

  • Availability of various shades
  • Anti slip effect
  • Water resistance etc

Apart from Porcelain, you can also go for the following option

  • Waterproof laminate – provides better protection from moisture, expensive and long lasting
  • Processed wood- this is an ideal option for those who are fans of environment friendly and natural coatings
  • Bulk floor – comes with an easy to install facility and resembles ceramic tiles

3. Surface finish

Selecting materials for interior decoration is the first step of decorating a house or a room. Considering the fat that bathroom is a high humidity area, selecting a suitable material for this area should be approached with special care. Manufacturers today, try their best to make their products universal for each room of the house and that definitely includes bathroom.

Redesigning the bathroom can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. If you are planning to create or redesign your bathroom space, do not be afraid to try out something new. These modern design ideas can surely help you out in choosing the right option for your bathroom.