Despite ceramic tile’s popularity as the preferred surface for home tiling, glass tile is gaining ground. Glass tiles are typically more expensive than other types of tiles, but they add a handmade, artistic quality that’s easily worth the price. Backsplashes made from glass tile add a touch of elegance to kitchens and bathrooms, resulting in an unforgettable look. There are several important factors to consider, however, when examining this popular material.

Read on to find out more about glass backsplash tiles’ pros and cons as experienced by experts from Dixie Tile Shop – a leading tile store in Mississauga.

Distinguished Appearance

The process by which glass tiles are made determines their form and color. Some tiles are cold-cooled after they’re cut and others are cast after they’re melted. Glass isn’t heated during cold-manufacturing; it is just cut. In contrast, cast glass is made by mixing sands with chemicals, melting them in a tank, and then cooling them in trays.

Depending on the color, thickness, size, and shape of the final product, the final outcome can differ. Glass tiles can often be found with tiny bubbles within them, which creates a “still wet” look that can be unique. In addition to its endless customization options, glass tiles for backsplashes are versatile enough to be used both indoors and outside.


The use of glass tiles is often not associated with durability, but they are just as strong and durable as ceramic tiles. Inherently, glass tiles are more resilient than ceramic tiles. Glass backsplash tiles does not absorb moisture, so it can’t cause mold and mildew to grow. Moisture penetration is the biggest enemy of any tile project. As long as it is properly installed, there is no concern with glass tile for your kitchen backsplash.

Installing Glass Tiles

There is not much difference between installing ceramic tile and installing glass tile, according to most tile installers and tile stores in Mississauga. Installing glass tiles for backsplashes is a fairly simple process. Installing glass tile is similar to setting ceramic tile on a work surface. Due to the translucent nature of glass tile, the thin-set is usually white to maintain a clear background that does not alter the glass’s color.

Installing Glass Tiles

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Creating Long-lasting Beauty

A glass tile installation’s durability and appearance will also be affected by its grout. Because of their durability, strength, and compatibility with glass tile, epoxy grouts have become popular for use with glass tiles.

Some grouts, such as SpectraLOCK and Kerapoxy, have chemical formulas that resist staining and degradation. Furthermore, they have the characteristics of not being porous and not being absorbent. Grouts containing cement absorb moisture, so you have to seal them every two years. With glass tiles for your kitchen backsplash, you can avoid the moisture problems.

Choosing between Glass and Ceramic

Backsplashes are traditionally made of ceramic tiles. It’s possible to find ceramic tiles with glazed surfaces that are just as washable, durable, and stain-resistant as glass tiles. Keeping the grout in a ceramic tile backsplash stain-resistant requires regular sealing and maintenance.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, ceramic tiles tend to be more opaque because the majority of their colors are on the surface. The transparency of glass mosaic tiles allows it to reflect light evenly over its entire surface. This causes light to reflect off of the tile and the wall behind it. The water shine or glow will give it more visual depth.

Installing glass tiles for backsplashes is a great idea. You’ll have a wide variety of color choices and textures to choose from, so you can create your own unique backsplash of glass mosaic tiles in Mississauga! There are many different types of glass tiles available, including mosaics, subway tiles, and small format decorative pieces. Recycled material is often used in some mosaic products.

Glass backsplash tiles are available in smooth finishes and with textured designs. Maintenance is not a problem with glass tiles. Unlike other materials, glass tiles are ideal for creating visually appealing wall designs since they reflect light into a room by their very nature. They can be used in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. To discuss more about your next glass tile backsplash project, get in touch with experts at Dixie Tile Shop. Call: (905)-752-6880